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Make the best gift for Mother in 2021. It is always a lot of fun and very friendly getting ready for Mother’s Day. Each year we want to show our mother his love with gifts and touching declarations. And what could fit than a present done with your own hands? DIY flowers hold the top position in the ranking of popular gifts. We offer many flowers at this time of year, but a flower made of paper or other simple material will not wilt and will be a nice Mother’s Day gift to give.

To make these felt flowers, you will need:

· Felt sheets

· Scissors

· A needle and threads

· Pins

· Buttons

· Glue

How to make one of these flowers:

1. Cut a strip of the felt about 2 cm wide

2. Secure the edges lengthwise with the pins

3. Cut as shown and sew the edges of the tape together

4. Wrap the strip and sew again to form a flower

5. Cut out a circle and glue it in the middle of the flower

6. Then sew the button by tying it on the circle

Flowers with threads and pipe cleaners:

· Yellow thread

· Green pipe cleaners

· A fork

· Scissors

1. Take the cleaner

2. Put the fork near the cleaner and start winding the wire around the cleaner, leaving about 1 cm of the free end

3. Bend the end and wind around the rod so that the part with the thread stands up

4. Wrap the lower part of the flower well with a piece of wire

5. Cut the thread as shown

For this pretty spring bouquet, you will need:

· Colored paper

· Glue

· Scissors

How to make it:

1. Take a sheet of green paper and glue the edges

2. With the scissors, cut the sheet by forming double strips as shown

3. Roll up the sheet of paper and glue the base

4. Spread the already formed strands a little

5. Now proceed to make the flowers – make different flowers by cutting out and gluing the paper

6. Glue the flowers, and you are ready

This idea is rapid and very easy to achieve.

You will need:

· A fabric bag

· Cardboard

· Paint

· A pencil with an eraser

1. Cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a heart from the cardboard and put it on the bag

2. Dip the eraser of the pencil in the chosen paint and tap with it around the heart

To make paper flowers like this, you will need:

· Silk paper

· Pipe cleaners

· Markers

1. Cut seven pieces of the tissue paper with the same size

2. If you want your flower with a natural look, take each piece of paper and age it a bit by squeezing it with your hands.

3. Put the pieces strictly on top of each other and start folding as if you are going to make a fan

4. Once you have completed your fan tie the middle with a thread, draw up the two parts of the folded paper and start to part the leaves to form your flower

5. If you want to make a rod, take a piece of pipe cleaner and wind it around the middle part of the fan. Then proceed in the same way to make the flower

Large pink tissue paper flower

The technique of quilling paper has been known for a long time. In the 18th and 19th century the ability of young girls to create quilling paper pieces was a sign of their class and education. The technique consists of creating small sculptures from strips of colored paper. To make a simple object with this technique, you can even cut your strips. But if you want to make a sophisticated creation with several elements, you will need a quilling paper kit. Cool drawings like a few flowers made with this technique will be a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.

How to make quilling paper flowers:

1. Roll up the strips of paper using a particular instrument or pencil

2. Glue the circles to each other to form the flowers

3. To make the leaves tighten, the circles formed with the paper between your fingers and modify as you want

4. Glue the pieces to the rod for which you can use a pencil, plastic straw, or anything else that is stable and looks like a rod

Flower and cactus pots with decorated pebbles:

You will need:

· A pot

· Pebbles

· Some oval pebbles

· Paints according to your choice and markers

To succeed in your DIY creation, finding a beautiful drawing

1. Wash pebbles and pebbles well

2. Apply the green paint and let the pebbles dry. It’s better to apply two coats to get an excellent decorative base

3. Then, take a white marker and create the patterns you want

4. Apply a final coat of clear paint to seal your design

5. Decorate the flower pot with white paint but do not cover it entirely to receive a vintage effect

6. Fill the pot with pebbles and arrange the pebbles already decorated

Make cute coffee mugs to give to your mom:

· An unnecessary container or foil pan

· Nail polish

· Some water

1. Take an aluminum foil saucepan and pour water into it

2. Pour the amount of nail polish into the water

3. Dip the cup

4. Tenz is a bit like that, then take it out and pat dry