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With winter creeping up on us, making our homes nice and warm is at the front of everyone’s minds. Gone are the hot summer days that leave you craving the cold weather, and now you’re wondering why you ever wished them away! It’s getting to that time of year when you need to switch the radiator on when getting up in the morning, but you might find that the heat isn’t enough to make your house feel warm and comfy. So, keep reading and find out how you can make your home super cozy for winter in 2022!

Cover Up Your Cold Floors

When it’s cold outside, you may find that your floors get especially chilly. Especially when it’s late at night and early in the morning! To combat the dreaded cold feet, make sure you layer up your floors with different sized rugs. You’ll find that your floors (and feet) are much warmer, and you won’t feel the cold half as much. Try going for thick, fluffy rugs too as they feel great and do a brilliant job at trapping heat. There’s not a single room in the house that won’t be better off with a rug underfoot either. From your bedroom to the living room, make sure you cover up those cold laminate floors with something much more warming. You’ll find that the cozy vibes you’re trying to create come a lot more naturally too!

Add Layers To Your Seats

Sofas and armchairs are super comfy, but sometimes they can feel a little cold in the winter. So, make sure you cover them with soft pillows and throws that you’ll want to cuddle up in. When the cold nights set in and you’re trying to get warm on your sofa, there’s nothing better than grabbing your fleecy blanket and getting snuggled up. You don’t need to go for hundreds of little throw pillows to create this effect either. The best way to warm up your seats is by having big, comfy cushions that can be cuddled (and slept on) to really make your evenings that much cozier.

Use Spiced Fragrances

One often overlooked aspect of making a home cozy is the smell of it and the types of fragrances you use. There’s a reason that air freshener scents change in the shops throughout the year, and it’s because different smells suit different seasons better. For instance, in the summer, fresh smells like cotton linen or citrus can work brilliantly at making the home feel light and airy. But in the winter, you want to go for the opposite. Spiced fragrances like cinnamon are the most popular as it reminds most people of the holidays, and it has a warming effect on a room. Try adding a spiced scented candle or incense stick in the room and light them in the evenings while you’re relaxing. You’ll be surprised at how much more cozy the room feels just by changing the smell of it!

Control The Lighting

The light is extremely important when trying to make your home cozy. Harsh white lights can make the room feel cold and put a strain on your eyes. So, you want to go for lights that have a soft glow instead to really create a certain ambience and gentle light that soothes you in the cold evenings. Make use of things like candles and fairy lights as they provide you with enough light without being too much, and they look super pretty too. Lamps will be your best friends in the winter as well. Dot them around the rooms to brighten up the dark corners, and you’ll notice what a difference it can make. So, don’t force yourself to sit in a brightly lit room on these dark winter evenings and treat your eyes to a warming glow instead.

Change Up Your Colour Palette

Lots of people like to change up their accessories with the change of the seasons, so why not start doing this for home too. Winter is typically associated with a warmer colour palette, so you could change up your throws and cushions to ones of deep reds and greens. Lots of gold is also encouraged as again, it’s a warm based colour that can help create a real cozy vibe. If you think about the colours of a Christmas tree, these are the sorts of colours you want to incorporate into your home at this time of year to make it feel cozier. You don’t have to change every single thing in your house but changing out the summer accessories for winter ones will make a huge difference.

Invest In New Curtains

No doubt in the winter that the areas closest to the windows feel colder than the rest of the room. Even if you’ve sealed up all the drafts, there still could be a penetrating cold that’s coming through. When this happens, it can seem as though the rooms are always slightly chilly, making it hard for them to be cozy. To eliminate this problem, you really need to invest in some heavy duty curtains. Little summer nets aren’t going to do anything but let the cold in, so you need to change them over to thicker curtains that will block any iciness that comes through. You’ll definitely notice the difference in how cozy the room feels, as you’ll no longer have that perpetual chill in the air. So, don’t overlook the importance of having good curtains this winter.

Making your home as warm and cozy as it can be is quite a challenge, but it can be done with a few simple changes. From turning down the lighting to opting for spiced fragrances instead, you can easily make your house feel ready for the holiday season. So, be sure to take these tips on board in 2022, and you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect, cozy home this winter. You’ll find that it gets even harder to leave it in the mornings too!

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