How to Prepare for English in Competitive Exam?

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Saira Farman


English is a universal subject and most important when it comes to any competitive exams held for foreign admissions or so. These days English has become an essential language in the global world. People are taking online lessons or courses to improve their English speaking skills. Spoken English is a crucial ability that requires attention and some extra time to work on. 

With digital technologies and other tools like the LMS portal, modern processes have become super easy and affordable for people spread to overbroad geographies to avail access to. LMS full form here is a Learning management system. 

English is one of the most critical languages for an individual’s professional life. There are usually some essential tricks down the core which are necessary for oneself to learn a language. For getting the very essence of a language, it is needed to know everything and get on to the grammar, words, and structures of a sentence. Here in this article, we provide the readers with some tips to improve their English.

Prepare a timetable

For learning a language, it may not be very. Still, for passing an exam, the timetable is essential. It helps you keep yourself updated over the current syllabus and patterns of the exam and enables you to stay connected with your preparation in the best way possible. 

Apart from maintaining regular studies, a well-planned routine can also help you as it provides you with the level of concentration and skills required to do so. 

Sometimes, people juggle maintaining a record or timetable to work on it. The best way, according to us, is to keep ones’ schedule on a digital device or tool. 

Aware of the test and syllabus

It is equally essential for the applicant to know every basic detail of the examination. Before starting your preparation, you should be aware of the pattern in which questions are asked or the time given for sections individually. After knowing much about the exam, you will have to note the syllabus to make a separate one for English. 

Usually, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and other things are asked in competitions. You should analyze your potential, weaknesses, and strengths accordingly and work on different sections to prepare for the exam. 

Understanding of questions 

There are various types of questions especially asked in the competitive exams to analyze a student’s overall critical thinking and Analytical intelligence. Thus, the student needs to understand every kind of question, practice, and develop a strong understanding of what the question asks the aspirant to choose or do. 

The questions asked in the exams, especially competitive ones, are not lengthy, and they don’t usually require a lot of time for an aspirant to answer. Therefore, the aspirant needs to understand the questions and look for the answer accordingly. 

Make your vocabulary strong

Whenever you encounter words that you have never come across earlier, you need to record them in a small diary. It would help if you also revised them from time to time to memorize them. It will increase your vocabulary knowledge and make you highly efficient at spoken English. 

Knowing more words is always beneficial from the exam point of view. An aspirant can quickly answer the questions in which they learn the exact meaning of the word used and can thus mark the correct answer without reading the whole comprehension paragraph. However, it will otherwise make you lose more time which you would have spent to enrich your understanding of the words and phrases. 

Immerse yourself 

Dedication and interest are essential. Try doing more than required. Improving your score in the English section is through virtual practice and reading newspapers. 

Modern technology has innovative applications that help you work on your language skills and thus help you to overcome your lack of confidence in that same language.

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