Concession Stand

Last Updated on March 9, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

Whether you are working with a school’s parent group, club or sports team, a concession stand can be one of the easiest ways to raise funds. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful and intimidating process. There are some steps, tips and tricks you can use to succeed. 

Determine the Rules 

Research any local, state, or federal rules applicable to the situation for a successful concession stand. For instance, do you need a license or certificate from local departments or the school to set up a shop? Do you need to use or avoid some payment types? Researching these questions before planning everything else can help keep your event legal and profitable. 

Build a Team 

You will then want to build a team of volunteers and business partners to ensure your stand is adequately staffed and stocked for the lowest cost possible. These business partners can include corporate sponsors who help supply the budget, bulk candy wholesalers for products, and local businesses willing to donate products or supplies. 

Gather Supplies 

When gathering supplies for your concession stand, it is important to have a central location to gather everything for easy inventory. Remember to stock napkins, plates, cups and other paper goods. If you use a point-of-sale that prints receipts, ensure you have enough of the right type of receipt tape. You will also want to gather drink coolers and display baskets and chairs for volunteers. 

Set Up Early 

You will want plenty of time to set up the concession stand daily. This means knowing how early you can expect people to start showing up. For instance, if the school play is scheduled to begin at 7 pm, with seating starting an hour before that, you will want to start setting up to be open at 6 pm. If you can keep your stand locked between event days, you can set everything up the day before. 

Take Notes 

Arguably, the most important part of running a successful concession stand is to take notes for the next time. If you run out of a product or have excess, you will want to remember that for the next stand. These notes are especially important if someone else runs the stand in the future. 

Concession stands at school events are a good way to raise funds for the club, sports team or parent group you are part of. To ensure the most success possible for your stand, it is important to research any applicable rules, find the right team of volunteers, suppliers and business partners, and take notes for future improvement. 

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