How to Secure Home with Wireless Alarm System?

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There are times when feel the security of your house is on the line, and you have the urge to invest in the wireless alarm system. What makes this camera stand out is that it produces crystal-clear images. There are different types of security devices and others. The best portable Bluetooth label maker offers solid connectivity so that you can manage your tasks without any hassle.


When you go for the wireless Security Camera and you can connect it with the alarm system, then you will notice the fact that the system is easy to install. All you need to do is connect the NVR and the cameras to a power supply. You will need to connect the mouse to the NVR also. The PC monitor also needs to be connected to the NVR using a VGA/HDMI cable. You will also need to connect the Router LAN port to the NVR WAN port by making use of the network cable.

Live viewing facility available

The aspect worth appreciating is that the camera system offers live viewing also. The home security system has a 2 MP IP camera with a resolution of 1920*1080. Well, this means the resolution of this camera is twice more in comparison to 720P. Plus, you have the exclusive playback facility also.

The wireless security system can record the videos without the internet. There are 8 pcs of the HD camera. You also have the option to connect the surveillance camera to the internet. You can download the IP Pro app on your computer, and view the recordings through the app.

View recordings from multiple cameras

What you will love about wireless security system is that it offers the quick shot feature.

24/7 surveillance available

These are available with a pre-installed hard drive of about 2 TB. The best part is that when the memory of the camera gets full, then it overwrites the existing recording. The security system is highly excellent for offering high-quality performance. It is compact and lightweight with a lithium-ion battery pack that lasts a long time. For the users’ convenience, it is rechargeable so that they can work without any hassle outside the office. This unit comes with a large touch screen that you can tap to choose the size. The package comes with a quick start guide, a USB cable, a charging adapter, and a rechargeable battery pack.

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Customizable recording modes

You can also customize your security camera as per your requirement. The camera offers different recording modes. For example, the record footage continuously option allows you to record the video without a break.

You can switch to the record during scheduled times mode also. There are times when you want to go ahead with the recording only when motion gets detected.

The good news is that when you opt for motion recording, then you will be able to save more space on the hard drive. These items are very easy to use.