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In most countries, 90% of people have some sort of HVAC system.

If you also have an HVAC system, you may notice some HVAC problems going on.

But what are some that you should watch out for?  Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about taking care of any HVAC issues.

1. Thermostat Problems

First, you might notice that you are having problems with your thermostat whether it’s programmable or not. If this is happening, you should check your owner’s manual and review it.

You may find the answer in the booklet without having to pay a lot of money for a service call. The issue could be something as simple as replacing the batteries.

2. Bad Indoor Air Quality

You might also be dealing with bad air quality. Sometimes your HAV system may not be filtering out harmful things in your home.

If that is happening, it could be something wrong with the inside of the HVAC system, and you will need to call a professional. Otherwise, you’ll just be breathing in those harmful chemicals.

3. Leaks

Sometimes the system will leak as well. The HVAC system needs certain chemicals called refrigerants. But sometimes these leak out.

The coils could be corroded, there could be holes in the refrigerant pipes, or there are loose fittings in the pipes. The best way o avoid this is to have regular service calls out to your home to do maintenance.

However, the ducts can also leak warm or cold air out, causing your system to work harder. This might be because the ducts are dirty or clogged. You should clean them at least once a year or contact a duct cleaning expert like 888 Heating & Cooling.

4. Problems With the Flue

The flue in the HVAC system acts as a vent pipe. The exhaust gas created by the system will be taken outside through the flue.

If the flue isn’t supported, it could cause dangerous chemicals to go into your home. Make sure that the flue is properly supported and isn’t near anything that is flammable.

5. Weird Noises

It’s normal to hear some issues while your HVAC is operating, but there could be some noises that indicate that there is a problem. For example, if you hear a motor that is squealing or whining, this is a warning sign.

This could mean that a blower or inducer motor isn’t working. You should get the motor replaced. You should also listen for clanking sounds.

If you notice any of these issues, you should contact an experienced technician, like Larsen HVAC.

Discover More HVAC Problems

These are only a few HVAC problems that a homeowner might deal with, but there are many more that you could struggle with.

We know that dealing with a broken HVAC system can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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