How to Select a Plastic Surgeon: Everything You Need to Know
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Are you looking to hire a plastic surgeon in the future, but you’re worried you’ll make the wrong choice? We’ve got you covered!

In today’s world, many underqualified surgeons are turning out unsightly results. When you have plastic surgery you want it to look beautiful and natural.

That’s why we created this short guide to help you select a plastic surgeon that you can trust.

Keep reading to learn about all the factors you should consider before you pick a cosmetic surgeon. 

Check Their Experience

Your plastic surgeon should be educated, trained, and experienced. Not only should they be experienced in a variety of cosmetic procedures, but specifically in the one you are receiving. 

If you’re getting a breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon should have performed it at least once a week for the last four years. This way, you know they know what they’re doing. 

Look at References and Reviews

Finding references and reviews on a surgeon is key. The plastic surgeon you choose should have a large client base that can vouch for their work. Other surgeons and doctors should also have a positive opinion of them. 

If you come across a surgeon with a low number of reviews or several negative reviews, it’s in your best interest to take your business elsewhere.

Ask for Before and After Photos

Good reviews can’t stand on their own. You need to see the proof in pictures too. A good surgeon will have detailed before and after photos of many of their previous patients. 

You must be able to see their work before you let them work on your body. If a surgeon cannot provide you with any example photos, you can’t trust them. You will have to move on. 

Start Comparing Surgery Costs

Before you select a plastic surgeon be sure to check their prices. You shouldn’t choose a “bargain-basement” surgery center. Yet, you shouldn’t choose the most expensive option either. 

Find the average cost of the procedure you are looking to get and shop around in that area. Once you find a doctor you are comfortable with within your price range, you may have found the one. 

Find a Certified Plastic Surgeon

No matter what, your plastic surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Surgeons certified by this board are required to go through much schooling. It includes two years of plastic surgery training, three years of general surgery training, and passing several tests.

They also must stand by a strict code of ethics. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the strictest within the industry. You should not trust a surgeon certified by someone different. 

Get to Know Them and Their Staff

you should select a plastic surgeon that is friendly and willing to explain the details of your surgery. You must have a trusting connection with your surgeon so you can feel comfortable asking any questions. 

A connection with your surgeon is difficult to measure, so you must go with your gut. If they and their staff make you feel like you’re in good hands, you have likely made the right choice. 

Select a Plastic Surgeon

Before you select a plastic surgeon, you must consider several factors. If you choose the first one you see you may end up with an expensive and botched procedure. 

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