Outdoor Lighting Design Tips for Your Commercial Property

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The outdoor lighting market in the US is set to reach $25.2 billion by 2027.

This growth is expected as more and more property owners realize the benefits of commercial outdoor lighting. Therefore, you should formulate a proper outdoor lighting design for your commercial property.

I’m sure you’ve invested in how the commercial landscape looks under the sun. It’s thus unwise to let that beauty dim away after sunset; your business should still look impressive. Lighting for your commercial landscape eradicates the dull outlook once the sun sets.

Aside from boosting the curb appeal, exterior lighting influences the property’s security. When placed strategically, the lighting opens up your brand to customers, thus helping it grow. It would be best to enhance the outdoor lighting by adopting impressive designs by Fusion Lighting.

Are you wondering whether outdoor lighting designs are an excellent fit for your business? Continue reading to learn outdoor lighting tips for your commercial property.

Consider Landscape Lighting Options Carefully

When handling outdoor lighting, it’s easy to forget that your lighting structures are seen during the day. Your outdoor lighting design should feature landscape lighting that fits into your yard.

There are numerous landscape lighting options you can use for your property. You should ensure that the lighting blends with your landscape without seeming off. There’s the need to factor in how they’ll look so that you can place them strategically in your yard.

The various landscape lighting options include;

Ground lights are installed in the ground and illuminate signs or building features. When installing ground lights, ensure they blend in with the lawn to enhance its outlook.

Lamp posts

If you’re after a stand-alone light, lamp posts suit you. They offer sufficient light to areas without the need for trees or structures. You should ensure that they’re a decorative feature on your landscape by choosing carefully.


These lights mainly serve to block off or separate sections. At night, they help direct traffic to specific areas. During the day, they should serve the function but still look amazing within your landscape.

Tree Rings

If your landscape has numerous trees, tree rings can be the right fit for you. They’re made to remain hidden during the day but illuminate your landscape after dark. Should you choose to incorporate the tree ring on the tree trunk, ensure that it blends in.

Remember, when installing your landscape lighting, be careful not to lose the appeal of your yard. An off-looking lighting fixture in the middle of your yard can be a turnoff for your customers.

Save Energy Using Motion-Activated Lighting

Are you worried about the extra energy costs for installing outdoor lighting? If yes, you should consider using motion-activated lights to save energy.

The nights are a less busy time, and leaving your lights on throughout might not be worth it. Instead, you could consider having part of the landscape lighting on, and the rest should go off when not in use.

Automatic motion-activated lighting is the way to go for an energy-saving solution. The lights for your pathways turn on whenever someone passes within their range. They then turn off after the person has left, meaning it saves on the energy expenditure.

Hire experts to program the motion sensors for your commercial property lighting. They ensure the lights are functional and thus come in handy.

Factor in Every Last Shadow

Are you aware of property casts in shadows on your business premises? These shadows can pose a safety threat to the occupants of your commercial property. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure they’re factored in when planning outdoor lighting.

Shadows can be dangerous since they create great hiding spots for troublemakers. Also, people trip and fall on items due to a lack of proper vision. It would help to consider lighting up your landscape with no more shadows.

Ensure you have lights strategically around risky areas such as the swimming pools. As a result, you prevent injuries to your employees and customers, which is essential.

The lighting doesn’t have to be harsh to make the difference. Soft light options provide adequate illumination, only enough to boost visibility. As a result, it increases the safety of your commercial property while creating curb appeal.

Draw Attention to Specific Areas

What part of your business do you want to showcase? Maybe the signage or the statue within your yard. It’s imperative to draw attention to these areas by strategically applying lighting techniques.

Light has a unique way of highlighting items, especially in the dark. As a result, the arrangement ensures that you get a focal point that helps you send a message to clients.

Ensure your pathways are well lit to direct the customers to the business. Also, consider lighting the steps to avoid possible injuries for your customers or employees.

It can be challenging to highlight the areas of interest when you go DIY on the project. Therefore, you should hire outdoor commercial lighting experts for incredible results. Their expertise ensures they can find solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Ensure the Foliage Is Visible

Besides lighting functionally, you need to showcase the foliage on your lawn. The impressive greeneries need to be visible to accentuate your fine landscaping.

Visitors are subconsciously interested in what you’ve done with your lawn, even at night. The flora and vegetation on your landscape come in handy to create appeal. Therefore, it would help if you used some soft accent lighting to showcase the foliage.

Place the lights within the garden beds to illuminate the greenery. Such impressive lighting creates a curb appeal that’s visible from afar. You can attract more clients to the business, thus growing your brand subconsciously.

Consider These Outdoor Lighting Design Tips for Your Commercial Property

Planning the right outdoor lighting outcome doesn’t have to be challenging. The above guide highlights the outdoor lighting design tips for your commercial property. Ensure you involve an experienced landscape lighting professional to enjoy impressive outcomes.

A Quick Overview

Outdoor Lighting Design Tips for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to designing outdoor lighting for your commercial property, there are a few key factors you should keep in mind. Proper lighting not only enhances the appearance of your property but it also helps to improve safety and security. In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful tips for designing outdoor lighting for your commercial property.

  1. Assess Your Property’s Needs

Before you start designing your outdoor lighting, it’s important to assess your property’s needs. This means evaluating the areas that need to be lit, as well as any potential safety concerns. Are there dark corners or areas with uneven surfaces that could be hazardous to visitors? These areas should be your top priority when it comes to lighting design.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Lighting

There are several different types of lighting you can choose from, including floodlights, spotlights, and pathway lights. Each type of lighting serves a different purpose, so it’s important to choose the right type for each area of your property. For example, floodlights can be used to illuminate large areas, while spotlights are ideal for highlighting specific features.

  1. Consider Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency should also be a consideration when designing your outdoor lighting. LED lights are a great choice for commercial properties as they are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options. Not only will this help to reduce your energy costs, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Create a Focal Point

One of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your commercial property is to create a focal point with your outdoor lighting. This could be a unique feature of your property, such as a sculpture or fountain, or it could be a sign or logo. By highlighting this feature with lighting, you can draw attention to it and create a memorable impression.

  1. Consult with a Professional

Designing outdoor lighting for a commercial property can be a complex process, and it’s often best to consult with a professional. A lighting designer can help you to create a customized lighting plan that meets your specific needs and enhances the appearance and safety of your property.

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