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Are you interested to know about the IELTS writing task? And how to score high in IELTS writing task 1. It doesn’t matter which tests you’re taking, either academic or general preparation, we have you coated; This aid incorporates IELTS writing tests, themes, and nitty-gritty exercises for available writing task 1 and academic composing task 1.

If you plan to go abroad for immigration purposes, IELTS  must be at the top of the list. Every country has its demand and requirements. For example, you need an immigration Canada visa for study purposes; IELTS is necessary to get admissions to Canadian universities. We have explained everything regarding the IELTS writing test and immigration visa.


In IELTS general preparing writing task 1, you will be given a circumstance and should compose an individual reaction as a casual, semi-formal, or formal letter of 150 words. The possibilities you are gotten some information about are normal, regular ones, for example, 

  • keeping in touch with a school service official about issues with service, 
  • In touch with another business no time like the present administration issues they are having, 
  • keeping in touch with a nearby paper about an arrangement to foster a neighborhood air terminal, 
  • Keeping in touch with a leasing organization to figure out issues with the warming framework in their home. 

You will be given data as three list items that you should remember for your reaction concerning the circumstance. You might be needed to ask for or give data as well as clarify a possibility. To do this, you may have to do a portion of the accompanying: 

  • request as well as provide general accurate data, 
  • express requirements, needs, likes or aversions, 
  • state viewpoints or grumblings, 
  • Make demands or make ideas/suggestions. 

IELTS General Writing Style 

The composing style you’ll utilize depends on who you’re approached to write to (for example, the crowd) and how well you should know them. It would help if you wrote in a suitable style for your group. That will assist you with accomplishing your motivation for composing, for example keeping in touch with a companion (casual) or keeping in touch with a director (semi-formal or formal). You don’t have to incorporate any locations at the top of your letters. 

Instructions to Avoid Losing Points in IELTS General Writing Task 1 

As referenced, don’t spend anything else than 20 minutes on this assignment and ensure you compose somewhere around 150 words, or you will be punished. While you won’t be penalized for writing more than 150 words, you ought to recall that a more extended undertaking one answer may imply that you have less than an ideal opportunity to spend on task 2, contributing twice as much to the Writing band score. 

Likewise, you ought to recollect that you’ll be punished for unimportance if the reaction is off-point or isn’t composed as complete, associated text (for example, utilizing list items in any piece of the response, or note structure, and so forth). You will be seriously punished for copyright infringement (for example, duplicating from another source).


In IELTS scholarly composing task 1, you are given a chart, table, outline, or graph and requested to depict, sum up or clarify the data in a way that would sound natural to you. You might be approached to define and describe information, portray the phases of interaction, how something works, or depict an article or occasion. 

Notwithstanding which visual data is introduced to you, your responsibility is to compose a synopsis of the visual data. Furthermore, depict the principle patterns, in general contrasts, fundamental changes, or the primary parts of a framework, or the principle expressions of interaction. You should compose 150 words or more, and you ought to go through around 20 minutes on this piece of the test. The composing design can be as per the following: 

  • Presentation: Paraphrase the inquiry 
  • Outline: Describe the general pattern or compose an overall composition of the primary groupings 
  • Body section 1: Write exhaustively about the main gathering in a coherent manner 
  • Body section 2: Write exhaustively about the second gathering in a cohesive manner 

So the means to compose the report for this errand is exceptionally straightforward: 

  • Investigate the chart(s) and plan how to bunch the data 
  • Compose an article utilizing the suggested exposition structure 
  • Edit paper 

We should take a gander at each various conceivable kind of visual diagrams, tables, graphs, and outlines you could experience in your IELTS composing test: 

  1. Line charts 
  2. Bar outlines
  3. Pie outlines 
  4. Tables 
  5. Charts 
  6. Guides 
  7. Blended (counting at least two of 1-6 above) 

If you need to endeavor for IELTS for CANADA migration, here are a few remedies.

Open ways to Canada with IELTS 

To acquire a Canadian visa, you should exhibit your English capacities to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

IELTS is one of the world’s most famous high-stakes English language tests, with more than 3,000,000 tests required in the previous year. Furthermore, it’s the English trial of decision for instructive associations, proficient affiliations, and businesses across Canada. Indeed, all colleges and universities in Canada acknowledge IELTS on merit-based immigration just like all expert affiliations with the minor language prerequisites for proficient enlistment.