Importance of tray and sleeve boxes for packing daily life products

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Companies need cheap packaging boxes. They usually make many products. Hence, they cannot use different types of boxes for all of them. They need a common box that is suitable for all products. This helps them grow by saving the expenditures. Therefore they use tray and sleeve boxes. These boxes are cheap. Moreover, companies can alter them easily. They provide double protection to the product. Therefore, we commonly see them in shops.

Packing of different products:

Tray boxes are suitable for many products. Different companies use them. These are strong and durable. Therefore, they provide adequate protection. Companies use them for:

Food items:

Food items need extra care. Therefore, companies take extra precautions in packing them. So, they use tray and sleeve packaging to ensure the quality of the food. These boxes provide two layers of protection to the packed item. The sleeve and the tray provide an effective barrier against dust and pollution. Therefore, the food remains safe in these boxes.

Moreover, these also prevent bacteria from entering the food. Therefore, retailers and food companies can store it for a longer time. Moreover, people can also use it for a longer duration. Therefore, it increases the satisfaction of customers. Hence, it helps the company attract more buyers.


Your wedding anniversary is approaching? You can not think of anything to gift? Jewelry is the easiest option. Every woman loves it. Moreover, it also expresses your love. It is used for a long time and keeps your bond strong. However, it should remain safe inside gift packaging. Therefore, companies use tray and sleeve boxes to pack your precious gift. It provides an extra layer of protection to your gift. Moreover, you can also customize these boxes as much as you want.

This is very important to impress your other half. You can print their picture or you can print a note for them. Moreover, you can print beautiful hearts. It increases the charm of your gift.


You are thinking of gifting chocolates to your child? But you can not find the best packaging? Tray and sleeve boxes are there to help you. Companies pack chocolates and candies in these boxes. It protects them from melting. Therefore, your child enjoys their best taste.

Generally, these boxes are appropriate for packing every kind of gift item. Most of the gifts are costly. Therefore, their protection is important. We can not gift broken items to our loved ones. Hence, companies use these boxes to add an extra layer of protection. Hence, your loved one receives the gift in its prime quality.

Makeup products:

There are a lot of them in the market. Choosing a product becomes difficult. Some companies have become popular. Therefore, they easily attract customers towards themselves. People also trust their quality. This is because they have tried the products. So, they do not take the risk of trying out a new brand. Hence, if you are a new company and want to attract customers, then you should use a customized tray and sleeve boxes. These highlight your product amongst the others. Therefore, it catches the attention of the buyers. People then consider it as an option.

Types of tray and sleeve boxes:

Kraft sleeve boxes:

These boxes have become very popular. These are eco-friendly. Therefore, companies can use them again and again. They can take old boxes and make new ones from them. It further reduces the cost of packaging products. Moreover, people also prefer such boxes. They can discard them after use. So, these boxes help in improving the popularity graph of a company. Companies can use them for every type of product.

Cardboard sleeve boxes:

These boxes are mainly used for shipping the products. This is because they can be damaged easily during shipping. Companies ship a lot of products at once. If even a single one breaks, it will repel the customers. Therefore, companies need to prevent this at all costs. Therefore, they use a tray and sleeve box template for packing items to be shipped. These types of boxes are very thick. Therefore, they prevent any damage to the product.

Custom sleeve boxes:

Companies use these boxes to attract more buyers. People can order the changes they want in the box. Thereafter, the companies make these boxes according to their demands. Moreover, companies can also alter these boxes to meet the demands of the product. Therefore, they can change the color, shape, size, or type of the box to suit the product. Moreover, they can provide a premium finish by embossing the logo. Customers give more importance to such boxes. Moreover, companies can also introduce handles. People can carry these boxes easily. These boxes also help in advertising the company. Therefore, companies can take multiple benefits from them.

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