Toward a Better Earth: 6 Renewable Energy Sources

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With today’s innovative lifestyle, we consume a high level of power that can potentially harm the environment. Due to the rapid development of technology, our natural energy consumption doubled over the years. As scientists constantly search for solutions for the preservation of energy, we have to conserve our resources. Luckily, inventors are finding clever ways to develop affordable energy sources.

Innovation of the previous renewable energies is now a trend. Making the most out of what the environment gives us will help the ecosystem’s balance for a longer time. Renewable energies mean that the supply is endless, and there is a constant energy cycle without damaging the environment. We must fully allocate this renewable energy to preserve the ecosystem.

All About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the energy produced from non-finite or non-exhaustible ecological resources on the planet. These include air and sunlight. It is a viable alternative to conventional fossil-fuel-based energy and is generally less damaging to the environment. Below are some new developments for renewable energies.

1. Solar Power Generators

Solar power results from sunlight’s radiant energy in which the generator converts to be a source of electricity or heat. By using solar cells, photovoltaic systems convert direct sunlight into electrical energy.

Among other sources of energy, the sun is one of the most abundant on our planet. In previous generations, people stored solar energy in batteries to preserve its power. Today, you can purchase solar panels and have them installed at home. 

But because of the changes in our technology, scientists were able to make revolving panels that move wherever the sun is facing. It increases the amount of energy stored per day by more than thirty percent. Today, it is in its final stage of development and undergoing several maintenance tests before officially making its way to the market.

2. Traffic Turbines

Wind energy is a common source of power in areas where there is a kinetic movement. This energy reservoir will convert power into electrical energy through its batteries.

The principle behind traffic turbines comes from the windmills. Since moving vehicles generate a tremendous amount of wind motion, strategically placing turbines in the middle of roadways or nearby is a great idea. This way, the turbines will rotate in a fast-paced manner, which will produce lots of energy.

3. Chargeable Tiles

Every once in a while, scientists will have odd ideas for generating energy sources. One of them includes installing tiles that will store energy when people walk on them. It will convert the kinetic energy from stepping on it to stored electrical energy to power low consumption furniture such as lights. It can be the future in high foot traffic places.

4. Water-powered Lights

Inventors discovered a way to power the lights from the stored electrical charges in the water. The light can last for multiple hours. However, the materials for this product can be costly. That’s why many companies are trying to replicate the product using much cheaper components. Doing so will successfully provide budget-friendly and energy-efficient light sources.

5. Biogas Generator

Did you know that you can utilize biodegradable waste products for energy? Scientists thought of a way to create a machine that can accumulate biodegradable waste products and transform them into electrical power in the batteries. It is expensive, so manufacturers should reduce costs and encourage consumers to buy the product.

6. Graphene

You might have come across this product as it is one of the trending innovations today. Graphene is a super-thin layer of graphite isolate that tends to be more vital than steel. What’s more, it also tops other elements, including copper.

Many are dubbing graphene a groundbreaking discovery in science. Its properties are so good that it is one material that will be very valuable soon enough. It conducts electricity from one place to another without losing any energy, meaning there will be no by-products exhausted on the surface. Lastly, it is said to bring the heat within the Earth up to the surface pollution free which means there will be an unlimited amount of energy.

Wrapping Up

As an end-user, you have the freedom to make a difference in the environment by choosing sustainable energy sources. Especially today, renewable energy is easy to acquire as it is now made available as a commercial product.

With many movements raising awareness, people are switching to green living to help preserve the environment. Our planet needs our help to protect its resources. By utilizing what the environment offers us and making it work, we will maintain life on Earth.

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