Generator Repair

Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by Hassan Abbas

Did you know a generator can last 20-40 years depending on how often you run and maintain it? If you’ve had your generator for many years, there are some tell-tale signs it may not be performing the way it once did. Don’t wait to look into generator repair.

Read more to learn if your generator needs repair.

1. Starting the Generator

When you go to start your generator, does it make noise or have a delay in starting? These can be common issues, and it is recommended to seek out a generator maintenance company.

The slightest issue could be causing a delay. You could be wasting precious time trying to get it to start or wondering why it won’t.

One reason this could happen is because of old fuel. If you haven’t run it in some time, this old fuel might not be good anymore, so the generator cannot use it.

Sludge from this old fuel can be stuck in some of the lines, and replacing the fuel filter might do the trick. If you have the knowledge, you’re able to make these small repairs by yourself.

2. Inconsistent Power

If the generator seems to be turning off whenever it wants, or if you can see the power viability decreasing as you use it, this shows a present problem.

When an electrical issue is present, this is something you don’t want to mess with unless you are an electrician. You have the opportunity in choosing an electrician that best fits your needs.

When using a generator, you always want the power or electricity to be consistent. If t isn’t, shut the generator down as soon as you see a difference.

3. Smell or Noises

When using this kind of equipment, it is important to always be aware of the device and its environment. For instance, if you hear a noise that you don’t notice, you don’t want to take a chance in letting it run any longer.

Equipment such as this can be unpredictable, and you wouldn’t want something bad to happen. Also, be aware if there are any changes in smell. If you smell gas, this can be a sign there is a leak somewhere.

4. Damaged Equipment

If the generator is in one central location, are there items around it that can cause damage? For example, if your generator is kept outdoors, there is a possibility a tree could fall on it and do some damage.

Be aware if it is in a location where there are animals or where animals could get into. Depending upon your location, the damage could happen from a curious creature.

You should also be aware if people can get to it. Individuals should know not to touch this equipment, but anything can happen if they get to it.

All of these factors can impact how a generator is running. If you suspect something has happened to the generator, it is better to get it checked out.

5. Battery Problems

Just like cars, generator batteries can decline over the years. This is common normal wear and tear. If you’ve recently installed a new battery, then something else is going on with the generator.

If the battery is over three years old and you haven’t used the generator consistently, it may be time to check the battery for power. You could try charging the battery but you should purchase a new one if the lack of power continues.

Generator Repair

Although it can be inconvenient to get your generator repaired, it is important to stay up to date on the maintenance. Generator repair is necessary to keep it running efficiently. You won’t regret having all the power you need from your generator.

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