Pat testing

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The factor for Pat testing emergency lighting is to guarantee that they continue to be completely functional (for a defined period) during a mains electrical failure which all lighting and leave indications are up today with existing regulation and are adequate for the objective meant, to enable personnel as well as others to vacate the facilities securely.

BS5266 suggests that emergency lighting systems be routinely serviced by a ‘competent person, who has the necessary understanding, abilities, and training to carry out the appropriate servicing treatments.

Applying a system of periodic inspection and testing will ensure that emergency illumination systems stay reputable whatsoever times which in case of an emergency or power failure, the emergency illumination runs, appropriately, and continues to be efficient for a specific period, depending on the illumination kind.

Regular Testing must be performed:

– Daily – visual check to make sure that emergency systems are operating appropriately and that indicators are functioning. This must be performed by the ‘accountable individual’ handed over to the job by the organization/business. Any type of mistakes should be logged as well as corrected asap in the emergency illumination log publication.

– Month-to-month – Inspect all luminaires for signs of damage or disrepair. Quickly test all emergency luminaires to make certain that they operate in case of mains power supply failure. This will typically be performed by the ‘accountable individual’. Any type of mistakes needs to be logged and fixed asap.

– Each year – A complete system inspection and period test of the emergency lights must be executed by a ‘qualified person’, this being a person with the needed skills, training as well as understanding to perform the right upkeep as well as service. This will certainly entail reducing the power to the emergency system and keeping track of the light levels etc, to guarantee that they work correctly. Compliance with BS5266 needs to be taken into consideration as well as created in the accreditation record. Any kind of fault should be fixed.

Emergency lights is needed usually when:

  • Emergency luminaires are called for where synthetic illumination is installed
  • On retreat paths
  • Open up areas greater than 60 square meters
  • Areas of unique risk
  • Close to stairs as well as ample to radiate straight light on all treads
  • At any type of switch
  • At any kind of adjustments in floor level
  • Near to passages and also intersections
  • Near to fire combating devices
  • Close to first aid factors
  • Outside each last departure point

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