Inflatable Canopies

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Umer Malik

Remember the bouncy houses and inflatable castles from our childhood. A lot of us might have very fond memories, which are invoked when see a bouncy house. I bet they bring a smile to your face too.

Well, back then we did not know that bouncy houses were a kind of inflatable tent, and they are used for many more purposes. Bringing a smile to the faces of children and their parents is, without doubt, the best use of inflatable tents. However, if something is that great, we think, it’s our responsibility to find out other ways in which it can benefit us.

We observed that inflatable canopies are most prominently used by businesses, either as shades for outdoor events or as promotional products for marketing purposes or both. Also known as air beam tents, interlinked frame tent, air pitch tents or simply as air tents, these inflatable canopies feature the latest technologies available in the market. Inflatable tents look pretty much like the standard tents on the surface. However, rather than using metal or fiberglass poles, inflatable tents have beams that are pumped up with air to support the custom tent.

When you compare the cost of inflatable canopies with other custom tents, you will realize that they are slightly more expensive. Of course, some of you might be wondering, why would you buy something that is costlier when there are other types of custom tents available at a lower cost?

It is a genuine query. According to us, the most important reason is – to avoid repetition. Think about it this way, at any marketing event there is a sea of outdoor canopy tents, as every business aims to give a perfect presentation and attract more leads. Some of you, in fact, might have used custom-printed pop-up tents at industry events and you obviously know that your competitors use it as well. Therefore, standing out in a sea of custom tents can become quite a big task.

Inflatable tents are the perfect alternative to this conundrum. Today, businesses have to constantly come up with new ideas to engage with their existing customer base and at the same time, attract more potential clients. An outstanding inflatable tent printed with your advertising content will definitely be a versatile addition to your marketing event’s tool kit. Moreover, these state-of-the-art custom tents also offer other features which make them more preferable for business use.

Let us give you a list of the most important benefits of using inflatable canopies for business purposes. The list is divided into two parts. The first part lists the benefits of inflatable canopies as a product, compared to other custom tents. The last 3 benefits are clubbed into the second part. They highlight the ways in which these tents can help boost you marketing strategy.

3 Benefits of Inflatable Tents Compared to Other Custom Tent Ranges

Custom tents, in general, offer many advantages to businesses participating at outdoor events and tradeshows. They are durable, re-usable and work well as shade cum promotional products, thus, providing a consistent ROI. However, we have identified three significant benefits, which give advantage to inflatable tents over other custom tents.

Weight –

Inflatable canopies are far lighter than any traditional custom tent of the same size. This is mainly because they do not have any poles, which are replaced with air beams. This considerably reduces its weight while providing outstanding structural integrity at the same time. When weight does not remain an issue, you do not have to think twice before setting up your inflatable tent, even if you have registered for an event at the last minute. 

Portability –

Being lighter in weight also makes inflatable tents far more portable than any other custom tent model on the market. These outdoor canopy tents are extremely easy to carry, and can be deflated quickly, which can then be packed into a small bag. They serve you well, especially when you have to travel to a different city to promote your business or talk about your brand at an event.

Usability –

Most importantly, you don’t need an extra helping hand to pitch your inflatable tent at any occasion. This saves a lot of time and energy at an important business event and gives you more stretch to interact with potential clients and present your business. Moreover, inflatable canopies are designed to endure harsh weather conditions, which increases their usability in terms of locations as well. 

3 Ways in Which Using Inflatable Canopies Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

As mentioned before, inflatable tents can be very beneficial for business promotions as they allow you to break the repetition cycle of using similar custom tents for presenting your ideas at an outdoor event. However, there are also other marketing benefits of using inflatable canopies. We have listed three of these benefits for you here.

1.      A presentation that is never boring

Inflatable tents are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and configurations using different materials. You can choose an inflatable custom tent made of PVC if you are looking for a structure covered on all sides or you can get an inflatable canopy which is open on all sides with the option of attaching walls. If you do not wish to buy an entire tent, you can also opt for inflatable arches. These are narrow inflatable tents which can be used to make a spectacular entrance design to any heavy-duty pop-up canopy. Moreover, there is always the option of mix and match, so that your business stall looks trendy and chic at any event.

2.      A tent to help you rule the skyline at any event

No matter which design of inflatable tent you get, all custom canopies in this range are really tall structures. Apart from their unique shape and your creative content, the height of the tent also helps in attracting more customers by increasing visibility. If you are that tall, it’s hard not to stand out, isn’t it? And with no one else high up there, you get to rule the whole level and use it for your business promotions.

3.      Invoke a happy memory and attract more customers

Inflatable tents are peppy and stylish options for custom canopies and as mentioned before, they often remind us of fun days from our childhood. This can really help you attract more customers. Invoking a happy memory can actually make a client become more curious and wander in your midst simply to find out what you are doing. All you have to do then, is pull-up your marketing a-game and turn them into a lead.


Whether you are planning a booth for a trade exhibition, or a stall for the local farmer’s market or even a promotional/informational kiosk, an inflatable tents can come to your rescue as a venue for any such activity. It can save you from looking old school in a generic custom tent and take your marketing game to the pro-level. If you decide to get a custom-printed inflatable canopy or even an arch, we are sure it will turn out to be a masterpiece in your presentation, making you stand out even at a distance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your customized inflatable canopy today, and get a pro-level boost to your marketing strategy that can be used anywhere and on any day…!

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