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Cybercriminals are getting more and more powerful these days due to the advancement of technologies. To block them, a strong security system is required, which can identify malicious entries into your network and stop them immediately. When real people become spammers and breach the security standard, traditional protection seems insufficient to protect your business from cyber threats. IP filtering introduces strong security while exchanging data over networks.

What is IP filtering?

IP filtering helps you keep your network protected by denying or granting access. It works by finding the locations of IP addresses, and if they come from high-risk places, it filters those addresses and blocks them. 

You can easily find city by IP address through the geo-targeting feature, which helps your businesses in many ways. But, it brings along with it threats also. IP filtering proves to be the most useful option for denying the access of risky IP addresses to your networks, keeping your business and other important data safe from security threats.

How does IP filtering help in traffic management?

The first layer of security protection that your network has is a firewall. It generally checks the data coming from and to their allocated network. Firewalls identify the legitimate traffic by analyzing the flagged data transmission, and they also block the malicious traffic from entering your network. 

Since the cybercrime patterns have changed using the more advanced solutions, protection has to be very strong and equal or more powerful to the threats. Through the IP filtering options, you can block entries coming from specific countries that help you keep your network safe from hazardous practices. Popular firewalls also have the feature to block IP addresses from specific countries. Any country that gets backlisted will be denied to entering your network.

With the help of IP geolocation, you can identify IP addresses from their originated countries and stop these risky accounts from entering your computer.

How does Ip geological filtering work?

If there is a continuous attack coming from a specific country or place, blocking the traffic of that place would be the right solution for security. With this practice, legitimate servers and communication get interrupted also, and this is why many people think twice before banning any country completely for data transmission. With the help of IP geolocation, you can easily find city by IP address, and locating places will be easier.

 The bigger picture has still not been introduced. Spammers, many a time, run data packets from different countries, which means that identified countries may not hold actual threats. Cyber attackers and spammers use open proxies to generate traffic from multiple places for hiding their location or patterns. 

IP geolocation traffic management adds an additional layer of security to manage traffic in an assigned network. With the help of IP geolocation API, identifying malicious traffic will not be very difficult. Besides filtering traffic, it also comes up with additional benefits. 

  • Finding fraud: the technology helps you identify frauds by matching visitor ip data with your customer data to avoid any theft or other cybercrimes. 
  • Blocking malicious activity: helps you find the suspicious activities and allows you to find out the places where it comes from. You can easily find city by IP address with the help geolocation feature.
  • Data for marketing: with the help of a geolocation system, you will collect data about the visitors to your website. these datils seem to be important insights for planning a marketing campaign.

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