Bifold Doors

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Bifold doors add an aesthetic appeal to the design of your house, giving it a very sophisticated look. But, choosing the material for your bifold doors is a major task. Not only is your investment involved in it, but it is also about maintenance and security. When it comes to the materials, uPVC and aluminum have a strong fight in a buyer’s mind. Here, you will learn which material stays ahead. 

uPVC front doors and Aluminum doors both have their advantages and disadvantages. You will get all details about the material here. 

What uPVC material?

uPVC ( unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a very common choice for making windows and doors due to its hardness. It is basically a hard plastic that is way cheaper than aluminum, and this is why the material has become a great alternative to aluminum for window and door frames. Besides its hardness, it is also resistant to corrosion, moisture, and pollution. 

Which one is better?

Comparing two materials on some parameters, such as cost, maintenance, aesthetics, thermal efficiency, and more, will help you choose the best option for you. 


Your budget is one of the deciding factors here. uPVC costs you far less than aluminum, but you must consider the bigger picture here. Since aluminum is more durable, it will also last long protecting your bifold doors from damages. On the other hand, uPVC Front Doors need more maintenance and repair, increasing your expenses for the long run. 


Bifold doors have become a favorite choice of homeowners because of their look and style. Aluminum has an advantage over other materials. With a wide range of color options and different styles, aluminum bifold doors complement your home aesthetics. They come in thinner frames, giving more space for glasses to let in more lights. Generally, uPVC frames are large, and the limited options may not satisfy the soul of homeowners.


Although both materials are durable, aluminum is a better option than uPVC as it requires less maintenance. Aluminum comes with a powder coat, which makes the material strong and less repairing needed as compared to the uPVC doors. When your aluminum doors get a weather-resistant finish, they can withstand even the harsh weather.  

Thermal efficiency:

uPVC scores higher in thermal efficiency than aluminum. The uPVC Front Doors lock the heat inside and do not let the temperature pass into it. But, aluminum is a conductor of heat, which means it lets the heat pass through it. However, technological advancement makes aluminum capable of prohibiting the heat from letting in and out. 

Strength and security:

Doors and windows need strong materials as these are the most common ways of trespassing. Bifold doors are primarily chosen for the front doors, so the materials of frames hold much importance. No doubt, aluminum wins the race. It is stronger and durable than uPVC. 

So, here is a quick summary to help you understand which material will be the best for your bifold front doors.

  • Budget-wise, uPVC is cheaper than aluminum, but uPVC needs more maintenance and repair costs, which make it equal to or more than aluminum price.
  • Aluminum is a strong material as it is powder coated and lasts long. However, uPVC is also a durable material but less strong than aluminum.
  • Aluminum frames have more aesthetic values because of a huge color range and style options. Moreover, aluminum frames are thinner allowing more light to enter your house.
  • Aluminum needs less maintenance than uPVC.
  • uPVC has higher thermal resistance than aluminum.

uPVC Front Doors can be your choice when you have a strict budget as it has all the needed qualities to meet the requirement for your bifold doors. However, when you compare it with aluminum, the uPVC comes next to it. To get a better understanding of materials for your bifold doors and choose a budget-friendly option, London Locksmith is the place you must visit. They have professionals who help you choose the best-secured option for your house. 

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