Four Main Types of PVC Pipes That You Can Use For Your Home

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

To a beginner, all plumbing pipes might look similar. However, despite looking similar, all plastic pipes come with their characteristics and functions. This article will talk about the different types of PVC pipes available in the market and their different advantages and functions.

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes, or as they are popularly called PVC pipes, are the most extensively used pipes for plumbing purposes. The main reason for their massive popularity is their tensile strength and durability. In addition, using PVC pipes is better than using copper pipes as PVC pipes are easier to instal and are long-lasting.

The main difference between PVC pipes and copper pipes is that PVC pipes are recyclable, thus causing less harm to the environment. They are a sustainable choice for most plumbers. They are more environmentally-friendly than most plastic pipes.

The four main types of PVC pipes are listed below. These pipes share many standard features, materials, and other characteristics. However, a degree of difference still exists amongst all of them.

Unplasticized PVC (UPVC)

This pipe is manufactured without a plasticizer. Plasticizer is a substance added to pipes to provide them with flexibility and softness. This material thus decreases viscosity and friction. Since UPVC pipes do not have this material, they are more rigid and are typically used for the following applications-

●       For transporting drinking and waste water

●       They are used for transporting industrial waste

●       They are used for transporting sewage wastewater

These rigid PVC pipes are lightweight and easy to install. Additionally, they are available at affordable rates in the market. They also have high tensile strength, and mechanical performance. Furthermore, they are highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and have high chemical resistance. These qualities make them a perfect choice for most plumbers who mainly use them for transporting drinking water.

Chlorinated PVC (CPVC)

Chlorinated PVC or CPVC pipes have higher chlorine contact than other types of PVC pipes. They are made using the chlorination of PVC resin. They were first introduced into the world of water transportation in the 1960s. Apart from chlorine, these pipes have other additives as well. These include- lubricants, pigments, modifiers, and stabilizers. CPVC pipes are mainly used in-

●       For transporting drinking water

●       Used for carrying water with varying temperatures

●       For transporting industrial sewage and liquids

Additionally, they are more flexible than UPVC pipes, which do not contain plasticizers. However, since these pipes have chlorine in their composition, many people believe that it affects the quality of water. However, this is not true. Chlorine affects the taste of water without causing any harm to the quality of water being transported. Therefore, it has been proved that using these pipes does not affect the quality of water.

Molecularly oriented PVC (PVC-O)

These PVC pipes are produced by changing the PVC-U pipes and adding certain elements to change their composition. PVC-O pipes are used for the following purposes-

●       For applications where high-pressure liquids are to be transported.

●       For transporting sewer water

●       They are used as irrigation pipes.

These pipes have greater tensile strength than most pipes and have a higher degree of corrosion resistance too. Additionally, they can be recycled easily and are ideal for the environment. Therefore plumbers use them widely for transporting water. These pipes are a cost-effective solution to most water transportation problems in India. Ask your water tank manufacturerabout the different types of water pipes and the pens that would suit your home setting the most.

High Impact PVC (PVC-Hi)

High Impact PVC are the latest types of PVC pipes that are being manufactured these days. They are manufactured using various chemicals to increase their resistance against corrosion and other chemicals.

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