Become an iPhone photography pro with these tricks and tips

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Become an iPhone photography pro with these tricks and tips

Thanks to the smartphone revolution, everyone has become a photographer. There are people snapping incessant selfies, a few turning into Instagram influencers showing off their excellent photography skills. When it comes to phone photography, iPhones are a popular choice, and for good reasons.

However, there’s one problem that users complain about. Sometimes, iPhones end up flipping the captured image. It might happen when you try to shoot pictures in landscape mode. The pictures might get saved in portrait mode instead of landscape mode. Luckily, you don’t have anything to worry about, and you need to know how to mirror a picture on iPhone. Mirroring takes the images and flips them 180 degrees. You can mirror your pictures from the Photos application on your iPad or iPhone.

Have you recently bought an iPhone and want to flex your photography skills? Here are some tips for getting started and becoming a pro in no time.

Change the exposure using the on-screen slider

When you hold your finger on your iPhone’s screen mirroring to use the Auto Focus Lock, you will also bring up the Auto Exposure slider. The slider will appear next to the Auto Focus box when clicking a picture. Drag your finger up or down to adjust the exposure level, and you can make your pictures darker or brighter.

Take action shots by using the burst mode

When seeking that perfect wildlife or action shot, you must ensure to capture it by using the burst mode option on your iPhone. In this mode, you will be taking a series of shots, and you can pick the best one later.

Are you using a pre-iPhone 11 model? If so, you have to hold your finger down on the volume control or shutter to shoot continuously. iPhone 11 users can swipe left on the shutter button and hold it down to take a series of pictures.

Lock focus by holding your finger on the screen

The focus is set automatically when you frame a shot with your phone. It is a useful feature but not always perfect. To ensure the camera focus is exactly what you want it to be, you need to press your finger on the area to instruct the camera to focus on a specific subject or place. Until the focus locks, you need to hold your finger. Next, you will notice the AF/AE Lock on the screen. Then, tap the shutter button and click a picture.

Reduce camera shake by clicking a picture with the volume button

It is easy to use the big white shutter button on your phone’s screen. But when you use this button, there might be a camera shake when you click a picture. So, your photos might end up looking blurry. Instead of snapping a picture with the shutter button, you can use the volume button on the side. It will keep your phone steady when you are clicking a photo. If you want more control, you can use the volume control on your earbuds or invest in a remote shutter.

Use a leading line in your composition to create depth

You can compose your scene in several ways so that the photograph looks interesting. One of the most effective methods is using leading lines when clicking a photo. You need to look for lines within the scene you are planning to click, which will draw the audience’s attention to your shot. These leading lines can be rivers, roads, architectural lines, etc.

Initially, you might find it difficult to spot these leading lines. But once you get the hang of them, you will see them wherever you go.

There must be an anchor in your picture composition

In landscape photography, composition anchors are useful, and they can highlight a pop of color or show a sense of scale. They can make vast scenes appear beautiful and grand. You need to find an angle that showcases a flower in the foreground and will provide the viewing audience with more interest. So, look for an anchor to make your picture composition better.

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Get a tripod

If you want to click sharper pictures with zero blurry lines, you need a tripod. Even the slightest shake of your iPhone might make your pictures appear blurry. But, when you hold your phone for point and shoot, your pictures will be ruined if your hands are not steady. So, you can use a tripod for those trickier shots or action shots. The tripod will ensure your images come out sharper, and you can be called a seasoned photographer.

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The bottom line

These are some iPhone photography tips that you can keep in mind when clicking pictures. It will make you a better photographer in no time. So, bring out your iPhone and start clicking.

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