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Putlockers was once among the top streaming and movie downloading platforms. This site was among the very few top platforms that hosted both the latest and old classic films, TV shows, and web series. The site gained popularity soon and in no time became the top choice of movie lovers across the globe.

Putlockers had great streaming features just like the platform kisscartoon. It provided the best quality audio/video for each show it hosted and had an amazing community chat forum where movie lovers from all over the world could interact with each other and have the best experience.

What Happened to Putclockers?

This site mainly hosted free content for all. Even the unauthorised and copyrighted shows were added which led to many legal complications. The site was charged with allegations like stealing content and distributing it without any permission.

Many big companies like motion picture and others filed suits which led to the site being taken down in 2016. This left many movie lovers sad since this platform had helped them a lot in the past in meeting their every movie need.

Is Putlockers Illegal?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple. Every site that hosts pirated content is considered to be illegal and Putlockers did exactly that. Despite its numerous benefits and services, the fact remains that the site uploaded content that was not supposed to be free which is considered an offense leading to many legal complications.

Best Putlockers Alternatives

In the following section, we will discuss with you some of the best legal platforms that give you a very similar feel as Putlockers. You can use these sites to watch high-resolution movies for as long as you want.

Here are some of the top-rated sites that you can use as an alternative to Putlockers.

This paid, legal website stands alone in terms of quality of content and variety. It hosts shows, movies, documentaries, and every latest movie you are thinking of watching.


The movie library is huge which includes not just local but foreign content as well. Netflix is safe, secure, ad-free, and most importantly offers zero buffering. All these factors make your streaming experience a delight.

Disney Plus

This new streaming platform has everything you need. Great Disney shows, movies, and other cool entertainment stuff. The website has a very effective UI. This helps you to find the stuff you like easily and in the least amount of time.

This streaming platform, just like Movierulz Plz, poses no security threats. The site is updated regularly to add the latest stuff.


This great streaming site offers the best and high-quality movies, shows, and web series. HBO has been around for many years and its popularity is still increasing all thanks to its great streaming services and user experience.

HBO max pays extra attention to user security and takes pride in its security policy which keeps hackers and malware threats at bay.


Hulu stands among the best streaming platforms for its great movie collection and high-definition videos. Every show you find on this platform is of HD and above video quality and now even 4K videos are being hosted by the platforms.

This site gives the best streaming experience with its layout. The site has been divided into groups and sections for easier navigation.

Paramount Plus

This site is being visited by millions of users each day for streaming movies, TV shows, and web series. Its movie collection is pretty impressive. All the latest movies are uploaded here soon after their release.

The site has an efficient user interface and the background and colour combination make everything more pleasant.

This site has its own community forum. You can also comment on various films and express what you think about that particular movie.

Final Words

No one knows when and how will Putlockers be back. Some free sites have clone versions or they release paid sites based on the same name and we can only wish that it happens with putlockers as well.

We hope that you find this article useful and wish you luck in finding the best Putlockers alternative for yourself as soon as possible.