Causes Of Car Accidents

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When we talk about the most developed cities in the world, perhaps New York is the first name that comes into our mind. It is the city that builds your dream and empowers you to live it. This is why New York City never sleeps, and every year people immigrate from different countries to live their dream. New York City has the title of being one of the most advanced cities in America and the most populated city. The number of car accidents that happen every year certainly proves that. According to USA Today, New York City ranks at the top with the worst traffic in the nation. Hence, there would be no surprise that New York City contributes a major fraction of car accidents in America. Hence, if you live in New York, there is a possibility that you will find yourself in a car accident at least once in your lifetime. To prepare yourself to face such a situation calmly, maintain a good relationship with a car accident lawyer in NYC. Yes, New York City is heavily populated and has thousands of cars congesting the road, but that doesn’t mean these are the only reason for the number of car accidents that take place in New York. With that said, we will discuss the different causes of car accidents in New York City.

Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In New York City

The New York State Department Of Health says that a huge number of New Yorkers die every year because of roadside car accidents. And the cause of these accidents and deaths are given below.

1. Over Speeding

Overspeeding is the reason behind a considerable number of car accidents. Most of the time, the drivers lose control or fail to press the brakes on time while driving above the average speed. This leads to car accidents.

2. Driver’s Inattention Or Distraction

Out of all the car accident cases you see in New York, driving inattentively contributes to a massive percentage of car accidents. The reasons for inattentiveness are turning on music, texting friends, looking at their mobile phones, and whatnot.

3. Failure To Yield Right Of The Way

While you are driving on the roads of New York City, there is a rule called “Right Of Way”. Although this rule is made for the safety of the drivers, this rule gives the intersection of the city a notorious reputation for being one of the dangerous spots to have your car at.

4. Back-Up Unsafely

We know nobody expected this to be on the list. But what to say, there are some stupid drivers that back their car without looking at what’s behind the car. In New York City, a number of car accidents happen where the victims are pedestrians that fall victim to sudden car backups.

5. Unsafe Lane Change

Have you seen fast and furious movies? How cool it looks when the cars change lanes at high speed with perfection. Well, some of the local drivers try to imitate that without knowing how dangerous it can be. As a result, due to unsafe lane changes, collision accidents happen.

6. In-experiences Drivers On The Roads

Trust us; the roads are filled with inexperienced drivers who take things too lightly. Unfortunately, New York City is full of these drivers who don’t understand the right traffic etiquette.

7. Driving Under Influence

Driving under the influence might be at the bottom of the list, but it certainly contributes a major fraction to the total car accidents. It contributes to 4% of the total accidents in New York City. According to the FBI, more than 300,000 drivers are DUI, and only 4000 of them are caught.

Take Away

These are some of the most contributing causes of car accidents every year in New York City. This list encapsulates only the top cause from a long list. Contact us if you need the complete list.

With this, we conclude our article. If you ever encounter a car accident or find yourself to be a victim of a car accident, hire a personal injury lawyer. They will take over all the legal proceedings and allow your time to recuperate. Furthermore, they will be more proficient than with your injuries.

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