Top 2023 Diversity Trends

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This is a natural point in the year to begin reflecting on what you did well last year and how you could improve. If you’re in the diversity, equity, and inclusion field, you know that nothing is ever perfect. You made mistakes last year, and you’ll make mistakes next year. But what matters most is that you’re always working to improve. Get a head start for next year by looking at the upcoming top 2023 diversity trends and figuring out how they’ll work best for your company. 

1.Creating a sustainable approach to diversity and inclusion training 

Diversity training has previously been only a small part of DEI initiatives in a company. Once a year, employees may gather for an hour-long workshop and discuss topics that felt foreign in the workplace. Similarly, they may primarily reflect on diversity and inclusion on their own during a short onboarding task. 

If you want to truly improve the DEI culture at your company, you must create a sustainable approach that integrates these trainings multiple times per year. This upcoming year will see diversity become a dialogue rather than a couple of isolated conversations. 

2.Promoting DEI as something open to all 

If you’re not a person of color, you may have seen the diversity initiatives at your company and thought they were “not for you.” You didn’t feel like you could voice issues related to them or provide ideas because you weren’t a person who was targeted by the efforts.

In previous years, DEI has always worked to get underrepresented folks involved in its efforts because they have lived experiences that they can bring to the table. However, 2023 will see companies incorporating as many employees as possible, even if they’re overrepresented. Regardless of their race, gender, it’s important to bring in as many voices to the conversation as possible. 

3.Pioneering a cohesive DEI strategy 

If you haven’t created a thoughtful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy for 2023, now is the time to do so. Companies often recognize that they desperately need to have a diversity and inclusion program in place. It’s something talented candidates seek out when looking for a job. However, they often don’t give enough thought to how a diversity strategy should be run. 

If you’re struggling to build out your program, here are some of the things that you need. 

  • Key performance indicators and the ability to track them
  • Clear responsibilities and implementation expectations
  • Tools and resources required for a successful program 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re ready to reinvent your DEI program in 2023, understanding the upcoming diversity trends is a great place to start. Begin by including diversity training in the workplace. You can also check out the 2023 Diversity Calendar for more information about creating a DEI-centered mindset. 

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