Dentists Are Not Lying: Why Is Oral Hygiene So Important?

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Why is oral hygiene important? This is a question that has many different answers, depending on who you ask. Dentists are one group that are acutely aware of the importance of oral hygiene, so when they speak about it, it’s with good reason. If you’re facing dental issues, you should seek immediate treatment. We suggest that you get rid a carious lesion at dentists in shrewsbury ma.

If you’d like to learn more about good oral hygiene, and why it’s important from the perspective of a dentist then this is the guide for you. Read on for everything you need to know now.

Dental Diseases

One of the biggest reasons dentists are so adamant about maintaining good oral hygiene is because a failure to do so can result in serious conditions that can lead to painful symptoms and even complete loss of teeth. For example, did you know that almost half of all American adults suffer from some form of periodontal disease?

This is the medical term for gum disease, and it’s a condition that, for the most part, occurs as a result of poor dental hygiene practices. In some cases, gum disease is easily treatable, but when it gets past a certain point it can be extremely painful and lead to teeth loss. Of course, this is something that nobody wants to happen to them, which is partly why regular brushing and flossing is so important.

Bacteria Build Up

One of the reasons that we brush our teeth is to prevent unwanted bacteria from building up in our mouths. This is a serious issue that can lead to, as is already mentioned, gum disease, but also a host of other issues. Halitosis (or bad breath) and sores developing in the mouth can also be a result.

But even worse than this, it’s thought that the bacteria in your mouth can enter your bloodstream. This has been associated with a number of diseases and conditions—diabetes, heart disease—as the bacteria come into contact with various organs.

A Sullied Smile

Finally, there are of course the aesthetic ramifications to consider. There are lots of different things that can stain your teeth or damage your smile. Not brushing enough is one big factor, but so are the things you choose to put in your mouth.

Part of practicing good dental hygiene is making smart choices about what you eat and drink. Cutting back on staining substances such as coffee, red wine, chocolate, and juice, can both stop staining and help prevent decay.

Your Dentist Knows What’s Best

When your dentist gives you advice about how to care for your teeth, it can seem like he or she is giving you a list of instructions designed to ruin your fun. However, not following this advice is a fast track to missing, rotten, and stained teeth. If you haven’t visited a dentist lately, make an appointment with an office such as now.

Why Is Oral Hygiene Important?

We hope, by now, the answer to the question “why is oral hygiene important?” should be obvious. Treat your mouth well and you’ll be rewarded with strong, healthy, teeth and a beautiful smile. If you’re looking for more dental advice, check out the rest of our site now.

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