Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Hathway Broadband Online Payment.

Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

The Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd, previously known as BITV Cable Networks, situated in Mumbai, India, is a well-known Indian cable television service operator. Hathway Cable was the introductory company in India that provided internet to all by wielding the CATV network in India. It was also the first cable operator to start a digital platform in the year 2006. Not just this, the Hathway Broadband Internet was the first cable ISP introduced in India. The formerly known Business India Television (BITV) Cable Networks Pvt Ltd was procured by Hathway in 1999. By 2007 as per the record, the Hathway Broadband Company occupied 51% interest in Bhupendran Bhaskar Multinet and a 50% stake in Gujarat Telelinks Pvt Ltd (GTPL). After which, in 2011, Hathway GTPL came into Assam with an MoM with V&S Cable Pvt Ltd and began operations in West Bengal, too, as they developed KCBPL (Kolkata Cable & Broadband Pariseva Ltd) to formulate a subsidiary – GTPL KCBPL, responsible for furnishing the services in West Bengal.

Advanced technologies and various safe and secured methods like visiting Luzenta.com have been introduced for making your Hathway Broadband online payment and invoicing be taken under process in an easier way for anyone so that they carry on with the hassle-free services in their comfort. 

Here in this article, you can get well acquainted with the ideas and ways to be used to recharge your broadband connection with any such interruption-

Online Payment:

You can Make a Broadband online payment just by simply visiting the official website of Hathway.

Collection Box:

You can make the payment offline by simply submitting/depositing a cheque at your nearest Hathway Dropbox/ Relationship centers available nearest to your location. The timing for the deposition is between 10 am- 6 pm from Monday to Friday. To find the list of nearest locations, simply click here.

Payment pick-up services at doorstep:

To make the Hathway broadband online payment, you can even propose the request for pick-up service by clicking on “Cheque Pick up” at http://www.hathway.com/Broadband/BroadbandPaymentOptions.

Aside from the methods mentioned above, you have been given access to make the online Payment via multiple trusted, third-party portals and various online payment apps, anything as per your convenience. You’ve also been given the option to make your Hathway Broadband online payment on their respective bill payment portal by using your credit card or by your net banking safely. After reaching the website, all you have to do is click on the given box, which will straightway take you to the details page where you get the option of infusing either your account number or your registered mobile number, provided it will be the CAPTCHA code for security purposes. Once you’re done with this, you just have to tap/click on the “submit” button to pay your Hathway Broadband via online Payment. 

It’s been found that people, years back faced difficulties and had trust issues which made them avoid the online payment methods, but with the alternation and enhancement in technology with the time, the same work has been made easier in contrast to the earlier days and people can make the online Payment easily, just by few taps and clicks. Indeed we ought to conclude that online Payment makes it all hassle-free and easier for everyone and therefore is opted by the major population who prefer paying bills through the online source. To take note, Broadway bill online payment helps you in saving money. It promises you safety since it’s all done online; meanwhile, in case of offline, physical work, there’s the possibility and fear of losing or stealing your personal information given on paper. Not just this, you also get various offers and cashback opportunities if you pay the broadband bill via online payment options. 

Based on the pros mentioned above, you are advised to benefit by using digital methods for making successful payments easily. You can easily witness given advantages without any disruption of your Hathway broadband services. 

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