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Whether you are a beginner in your professional field or already an experienced individual, you might need assistance with your behavior on casual platforms. Feel free to read our article and take your sights. 

Let’s take an example of the professionals, who have experience in the field. Slack, Miller, and Doak’s views of technical communication illustrate the familiar concepts, which we meet daily.  This article concentrates on the professional communication between employer and employee, in non-professional communications platforms, based on three views presented in the article. Professional communication is an integral part of today’s globalized world; however, sometimes, it creates barriers and hardship for employees. 

Several social platforms allow communication with employees from anywhere in the world. For some people, oral communication is not an easy choice, and they prefer chatting. Chatting brings many difficulties for the employees, as it is perceived as non-formal, but still, it is a way of communication with professional people. In the transmission view, communication remains a neutral vehicle, which is challenging when we put it in the context presented above. The connection between employees and employers is formal in most cases, and it is challenging to keep track of the language and word choices. The message’s conception is essential, as here, there will be encoding and decoding issues during chat communication. Senders can encode the message as a result of several problems, which the article discusses. Strong written communication is the key to the success, several professionals sell digital products online due to having proper communication and social marketing skills. 

During the chat, the sender sometimes wants to send the message as soon as possible. This can lead to internet slang or typos, which are sometimes super funny. If we remember the concept of the messages from many years ago, the sender concentrated on the sending process and put effort into having a well-explained letter so that the recipient would understand it. It was the responsibility of the sender to write coherent messages so that the recipient would understand clearly. In today’s world, sometimes employers write messages in a hurry and make several mistakes, which leads to miscommunication. Consider each sentence as your business plan, not as a random text, so you will have a more coherent piece of writing. To keep your time and tasks in a pattern you can use the best scheduling software and balance your timing. 

The best view presented in the article is articulation for discussing misunderstandings. If the sender does not concentrate on the message enough, the message could have several meanings. The worker writes a long paragraph asking about an issue and getting “ok” as an answer. This is an example of communication being an ongoing power struggle, and it does not balance toward encoding. For instance, several people wonder how to start a small business, and the practice of strong communication will be a good start. 

The recipient sometimes has to fix meanings, which another party sends. For instance, the employee could understand the actual meaning of the message “ok,” sent to his boss. In the case of oral communication, there are many tools to understand the speaker’s actual side. However, while you are writing and having your CAPS LOCK ON, it would sound like screaming. Articulating the meaning is both essential and challenging. Sometimes employees have non-formal platforms to communicate with their boss. Having a simile face would be sweet if the person is flirting with her crush, but it would be too much for the boss. The employee needs to sound friendly, so if she shows her friendliness with emojis, then there is a chance that she will fail this part. But always remember not to skip the development of the professional platforms for your company, develop WordPress Tables and use another business-friendly approach. 

A transmission view is essential here to understand how this emoji or its absence is encoded by the sender and decoded by the receiver. For instance, a smile face emoji could be encoded as a friendly message but decoded as an open flirt. If we follow the Transmission view’s designing characteristics, we would instead choose non-emoji writing rather than risking the other party’s decoding. Hence to organize your social media behavior you need to work on your time management and scheduling skills, use the Task Management Software to ease the process, and do not miss your deadlines. 

The transmission view presents the importance of controlling the way we send and receive information. In communication theory, all the words and articles matter, and they create efficient or failed communication. Of course, if you use Snapchat, you can use what kind of language you want, but another issue comes up. Nowadays, we are all multitasking, maybe sending a cute selfie to your friend via Snapchat, then opening slack to write back to your director. These all sound amazing until you lose your concentration. Most of us have different ways of writing to other people. If you accidentally write with your “dude” personality to your serious boss, this is an issue. Therefore you are responsible for your social media behavior, your platforms, and your digital marketing strategies. 

According to Translation theory, the conception of communication is a practice, which needs more attention than people give. Again, as presented in the first passages, people ignore their chatting skills and do not consider it serious. There is a meaning to production, which is essential for both parties. During chatting, the interaction between the sender and receiver is not clear for both parties. However, during oral communication, they feel more responsible for their interaction. For instance, if you are chatting with the best manager in your organization, you should think beforehand about your communication style and approach. 

As presented in Translation theory, there are two ways of rethinking communication. The first helps to understand another person more clearly; the other confuses and brings misunderstanding concepts. Most of us are overthinkers from nature and do pay attention to the words people say. However, when it comes to chatting, people do not feel that way. After comparing the reading to my today’s experience, I realize that cutting is one of the most famous but not developed means of communication in the modern world. 

  You are all set up! Enjoy your professional life on casual platforms.

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