Fall Cleaning

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As the weather cools and the days grow shorter, it’s time to think about fall cleaning. After a busy summer, your home may need extra attention as you prepare for the colder months ahead.

While some regular chores like sweeping and vacuuming still need to be done, fall cleaning also includes deep-cleaning projects you may not do as often. Add these projects to your fall cleaning checklist to make your home nice and cozy this winter.

Tune-Up Your Heating System

As temperatures drop and we use our heaters more, we must ensure they’re in good working condition. One way to do this is to check your vents for clogs and other issues.

The right tools and items help you perform this task efficiently. For instance, wear a face mask to keep from breathing in dust you may kick up while looking inside your vents. You can also wear gloves to protect your hands while looking inside vents and ducts.

A rechargeable headlamp is an extremely helpful tool for this task, as it will allow you to inspect vents without having to hold a flashlight. An LED headlamp is ideal for checking vents because of its brightness levels and extended runtime. The last thing you want while working in a dark space is your light source losing power unexpectedly.

Switch Out Your Wardrobe

It’s time to exchange your linen pants and short sleeves for sweaters and jackets. The changing of the seasons can be a great opportunity to do some fall cleaning and get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore. 

First, take inventory of your warm weather clothes. Then, go through your summer wardrobe and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. If you’re unsure, consider whether you’ve worn something in the past year. If not, it’s probably time to let it go.

Once you’ve sorted your clothes, decide whether you want to donate unwanted items, sell them, or toss them. Store clothes you want to keep in closed containers until you’re ready to wear them again next year. Create an organization system so you know where everything is.

Sort Out the Fridge and Pantry

As part of your fall cleaning checklist, check your pantry to identify all the food items you may have bought and never used. Consider donating them to a food pantry. Decluttering your kitchen makes it easier to find what you need when you’re cooking. Plus, it’ll make room for all the delicious holiday food coming your way!

Wipe down surfaces and make sure everything is clean before putting anything back. This step helps keep your food fresh and prevents cross-contamination. Once you’re done, your kitchen will be more organized and functional – making meal time a breeze!

Give Your Roof and Gutters Some TLC

One of the most important aspects of fall home maintenance is cleaning your gutters and roof. A thorough cleaning ensures your roof handles rainfall and melting snow properly. Tending to your gutters and roof also prevents water damage that could occur because of clogged gutters.

You’ll need a ladder and scooping tool to clean your gutters. Start by removing leaves and other debris from the gutters, and then flush them out with a garden hose. If you need to get onto your roof, wear shoes with a good grip. If you’re uncomfortable with this step, hire an experienced gutter-cleaning company to take care of it.

Store Garden and Deck Furniture

As the leaves start to fall, it’s time to think about cleaning up your outdoor space for winter. Part of that process should include storing away garden or deck furniture you won’t use for the rest of the year.

If possible, store furniture in a shed or garage to keep it out of the weather and make it easier to access again in the spring. Don’t have space indoors? Try to find a spot under a covered porch or deck, to provide some protection from the elements.

By adding these projects to your fall cleaning checklist, you can give yourself the gift of a stress-free fall and winter.

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