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When it comes to luxury items, we all want the best – whether it’s the best quality, the best price or the best brand. While the cigars you enjoy most will be quite a personal choice depending on your preferences and palate, there are some cigars that are widely considered to be the best around.

Whether they have been highly rated by the likes of Cigar Aficionado magazine or are the top selling stogies in the world, we take a look at some of the best Cuban and New World Cigars you can try.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

Back in 1992, Cigar Aficionado Magazine ranked the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona as 99 out of 100 – the highest rating they had given. Since then, no cigar has been awarded higher, showing that the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona has really stood the test of time and can absolutely be considered one of the best cigars in the world.

Measuring 7 ⅝ inches with a 49 ring gauge, this is a big cigar, and it is packed with flavour thanks to the inclusion of some of Cuba’s finest tobacco. It will take you over an hour to smoke this large cigar, but you’ll be rewarded with a light strength, but impressive aroma and taste.

The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona has had a lasting impact on the cigar industry, with subsequent Habanos releases taking inspiration. Since the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona was released, there has been a huge increase in the number of larger format cigars from Cuba.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

Montecristo No. 4

The Montecristo No. 4 is the number one bestselling cigar in the world. This iconic cigar is a Petit Corona vitola, making it perfect for novice smokers, while the medium strength and flavour intensity keeps even the most advanced aficionado interested.

It’s easy to see why this cigar is a best seller, as it encompasses the best of premium Cuban smokes. The Montecristo brand has come to be a star amongst fans of Cuban cigars, and the No. 4 offers that classic flavourful tang that the brand is famous for.

The Montecristo No. 4 offers a delicious earthy taste and brings a perfect balance of strength and flavour – not too light, not too full-bodied. A fantastic cigar that everyone can enjoy and definitely one of the top cigars in the world.

Davidoff Signature No. 2 Cigar

When it comes to New World Cigars, Davidoff is one of the best cigar manufacturers, consistently offering some of the best premium cigars in the world.

Most Davidoff cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic, including the Davidoff Signature No. 2 cigar, which we think is one of the top cigars in the world.

A delicious blend of Dominican tobacco is found within the even-toned Connecticut wrapper of the Signature No. 2, bringing a fantastically balanced taste. As you smoke this mild and elegant cigar, you’ll notice sweet notes of saffron and almond to start, progressing to tangy orange peel notes and finishing with a creamy cappuccino taste.

Fuente Fuente OpusX Double Robusto

Scoring 97 points from Cigar Aficionado, the Fuente Fuente OpusX Double Robusto was ranked second on their Top 25 of 2020.

The OpusX Double Robusto is a Dominican smoke through and through, with the filler, binder and wrapper leaf all originating from the Dominican Republic.

Like most Fuente Fuente cigars, the OpusX Double Robusto oozes power, with a medium-full strength and robust notes of caramel, nutmeg, leather and cherry, with a finish that shows off their time in a rum barrel.

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