What are the ways to make welcoming new employees systematically

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Nasir Hanif


HR managers must welcome new employees systematically when they have HRMS software. Such a tool helps to bring more discipline into the culture and orient the new hire with the system within seconds. 

They have tools like HR chatbots, self-serving portals, and automated workflows to reduce their dependency on the HR admin. 

So, let’s dive deeper into this blog content and deploy a better roadmap to onboard new employees like a pro and systematically.

What are the steps to welcome new employees systematically and create a better impression?

1.Automated employee code generation.

When you need to think of systematic ways to welcome new employees into the organisation, behind with automatic employee code generation. This helps you to remove any manual error in writing the employee for the newly hired staff members. 

The system of intelligent HRMS software recommends to you the best and most unique employee code once the preboarding process finishes. It will not repeat the code and show you the next best possible number or code to assign to the employee of a particular department. 

2.Self-serving portal to complete all employee information. 

A self-serving portal helps to welcome new employees with all relevant information and buttons. They find those profiles, categories, and fields on their own without external help. Employees can find their profiles, upload necessary documents for further verification, add new technical and soft skills, etc. 

They can change the organisation chart on their self-serving portal. They also mark their daily attendance, check leave balance, and holidays to apply for on this portal. A lot of such information is readily available to the newly hired or the existing staff member. 

So, the burden on the administrator of the organisation is lesser, and they can focus on strategy as well. 

3.Automated digital acknowledgement at the time of log-in. 

Make new employees read the relevant document and handbook at their first log-in or punch-in. The system intelligently pastes the document on the virtual entry and does not permit it to proceed until and unless the employee or user digitally signs the handbook. 

This digital signature would mean that the employee understands the terms and conditions of being an employee of the organisation. It also means that the user has read all the terms on time. 

Again, this means there is no burn on the HR generalist or the recruiter to explain the key terms to the new hire. The new hire must be intelligent enough to read the handbook themselves.

They can ask the HR chatbot questions related to the leaves, holidays, or any other workflow to leverage. This provides a bridge between the organisation and the newly onboarded employee. 

4.Adding colleagues on the go. 

Employees feel more welcomed in the organisation when they can add more people on the go. Existing employees will know who has newly joined the organisation on the intranet or instance. 

They can get to know each other at a deeper level at once. This feature does not have geographical or locational boundaries. Anyone can add one another on the intranet at any given hour, just like any other social media platform. 

This makes employees feel that the existing staff is a touch or a click away to connect, collaborate with, and get to know for more projects to work on. 

5.Celebrate wins and occasions on the intranet with everyone. 

Connect your staff with one another when they can celebrate smaller wins and achievements. They will find a reason to belong together in a team when someone is having their work anniversary, promotion, marriage, birthday, etc. 

Celebrating these wins allows a wave of empathy and positivity to rush into the organisation. And now these celebrations are possible even on the intranet and at the chat messenger a modern HR software will have. 

Because of this activity, new employees feel more welcomed with an open heart. They feel less awkward and can openly introduce themselves in the chat messenger. 

6.Collaborate meaningfully with purposeful streams. 

To welcome new employees systematically into your organisation, encourage them to collaborate often. Assign them as an additional resource to the current team. Let the existing members coach them on the ongoing project. Share the documents and details on the self-serving portal. 

Assign team members using the project management module. At the same time, use chat streams on the HRMS portal to have meaningful and purposeful communications. This helps new and existing members resolve their issues and work toward a common organisational or company’s goals. 

Enhancing Onboarding Efficiency with HRMS Software

HR managers equipped with HRMS software gain a systematic advantage in welcoming new employees, fostering a culture of efficiency and orientation. Through the integration of HR chatbots, self-serving portals, and automated workflows, the dependency on HR administrators is significantly reduced. To delve deeper into optimizing onboarding processes, let’s explore a comprehensive roadmap designed to onboard new employees like seasoned professionals.


The blog above explains you 6 steps to welcome new employees into your organisation smartly. Invest time and other reliable and valuable resources into a scalable, collaborative, and transparent HRMS software with the features explained above. Then, your orientation with the new hires will be epic, seamless, and always purposeful.