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Every year, people are involved in car accident that involve commercial trucks. Given the weight and size of the vehicle, truck accidents are mostly fatal, and victims end up with severe injuries and damages. In such a case, you need a truck accident lawyer from THE702FIRM to help you recover the damages. However, meeting the lawyer for the first time requires you to do some homework. Here are crucial things you should research before meeting your truck accident attorney for the first time.

Details About the Accident

Before meeting the lawyer, you need to have collected enough details about the accident and the driver if you want to build a case. Know the name of the person who was driving the truck at the time of the accident and take the truck’s license number. Ensure you have a specific time and date of when the accident happened and precise details of how it happened. You will also need a list of witnesses to help back up your story. Every detail you give the lawyer will be vital to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Your Medical Bills

After the accident, you might have suffered injuries or gone for a medical checkup. Record the injuries and their extent and the medical bill accumulated when treating them. Record the duration of your hospitalization and what you could not freely do because of the injuries you incurred. It is crucial to record every medical detail related to the accident to ensure you can calculate the extent of the damages.

Condition of Your Vehicle

You will also need to let the lawyer know about the condition of your vehicle if you will be dealing with an insurance company. So, know the model, make and year of your car, the duration you have owned the vehicle and its working condition before the accident. Research the damages it incurred during the accident and the estimated damages. You will also need pictures of your car before and after the accident.

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Conflict of Interest

This is a critical thing you must never ignore. Before you meet the lawyer, check if they may have a conflict of interest. You will require to know the people involved in the case, including the driver, the truck company, the tower, or the witnesses. Check if the attorney represents any of the people involved in your case. If they represent someone on your list, it could hinder their ability to represent you well. There is a high chance you will not get the justice you deserve if the lawyer has a conflict of interest.

Your Personal and Financial Details

Apart from the accident details, the lawyer also needs to know about you. So, prepare details of personal and financial life to help the lawyer know where to start and how to approach the case. Let them know your employment status, salary, or whether you missed work because of the accident. Let them know your insurer and whether you have a criminal record.

Get Help from a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are common, and most of them are fatal. If you have been involved in one, hiring a lawyer to help you out is crucial. Before you meet the expert, prepare the things mentioned above to help build a strong case.