Mistakes people make with their eyes

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Putting in a dubious looking kohl? No problem! Binge watching Netflix for hours at a time. You got it. Eating junk food? Why yes darling. Hmm, should I rub my eyes real hard? Absolutely!

If not all, most of us are guilty of at least few of the above enlisted things, without missing a beat. The notion that eyes are amongst the most often taken for granted and hence abused organs of the body is thus not far from reality. 

Our body is resilient, we get it, but there is a fine line between abusing it and being in a glass jar, meet us there. 

It is often not until the eyes get infected, start to excessively water or hurt that has us running to the eye specialist that we realize the importance of keeping our eyes healthy. 

Common mistakes 

Some of you might be on the smug high horse, feeling as if they take care of their eyes, but if you are making the following mistakes, you are doing your eyes a disservice, and get off the horse you must!

Contacts care is MIA

If you care for your contact lens is missing-in-action, then you are again acting against the interest of your eyes. Common issue with using contact lens is not washing them properly and regularly.

Some people might also not care about the lens solution’s expiration date; it’s not there as a suggestion; it’s important to consider. After the date elapses, the solution cannot perform the task of keeping the bacteria at bay. 

Similarly, people also don’t have qualms about sleeping in with their contacts. Never mind that it reduces the supply of oxygen to your cornea, makes it vulnerable and poses the high risk of infection, not to mention the extremely painful and dangerous corneal ulcers.

Eat anything but good food 

Just as your body needs nutrition to function, your eyes are also dependent on the fuel from the food. Don’t give it this fuel, it lacks recourses for maintenance. 

Eye products

Using shady eye products to your eyes is a sure-fire way to jeopardize their health. Bacteria may build on these products, and then cause eye-infections as a result. Moreover, sharing makeup is also problematic, especially products like kohl that are applied directly into the waterline. 

Not taking the product off is the cherry on top that many people like to put. The fact that it can cause styes, dry eyes and infection is something that does not cross their minds. 

Rubbing your eyes

In your defense, you rubbed them when they were irritating. But did you know that when you are rubbing your eyes, you are also transferring the microbes on your hands onto your eyes, especially when you are not sure when you last washed them. 

Most importantly, often the irritation is a result of presence of some debris on the surface of the eyes, and when you rub them, you then cause the scratching of the cornea, or allow the debris to penetrate deeper into the eyes, causing infection as a result. 

Too much screen time 

We are all hooked to our screens, guilty as charged. However, this habit is extremely bad for the health of our eyes. Staring at the screening causes us to blink less often, due to which the eyes get dry, and causes excessive watering to counter the dryness. 

There is also the risk of digital eye strain, due to which the muscles of the eyes get fatigued. Other symptoms include headaches, neck pain, sensitivity to light and blurred vision. 

Not getting regular exams 

If you are not into the habit of visiting your Best Eye specialist in Karachi regularly, especially if you have some eye or vision problem, then congratulations, you have knocked the last nail in the coffin of eye-mistakes. You are a pro at putting your eyes in jeopardy! 

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