Top Dentist in Greenville: 6 Common Types of Specialties

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If you need to see a dentist in Greenville, see a general dentist first. A general dentist may diagnose you and refer you to a specialist. 

Taking care of your oral health is as important as your body health. You should never ignore any problem or symptoms when it comes to your mouth or teeth.

Top Dentist in Greenville: 6 Common Types of Specialties

6 Common Types of Specialties


They are the alignment specialist. An orthodontist fixes the position of jaws and teeth. You need an orthodontist if you experience a crossbite, underbite or overbite.

Misaligned jaws cause these problems. Orthodontist is also in charge of misaligned teeth. To correct this, they place clear aligners, braces, headgear, or palatal expanders. 

You can use insurance to cover dental expenses. Check your coverage before seeing an orthodontist. This helps you prepare in the event of out-of-pocket costs.

General Dentist

Gneral dentists offer routine dental examinations and teeth cleaning services. For other dental issues, they can refer you to other dentists that offer specialties. 


Periodontists are gum specialists. They are in charge of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of gums and other parts of the teeth.

A periodontist can diagnoses early gum problems. They can perform minor operations such as pocket reduction procedures and gum grafts.

These procedures fix different gum diseases. A periodontist treats progressive gum diseases that are already causing tissue damage.


A pedodontist treats patients of younger age. Pediatric dentists are in charge of oral healthcare and treatments from infancy to teens. 

General dentists may also treat children but a pedodontist specializes in treating children. A pedodontist performs routine dental care. It includes cavity fillings, cleanings, and dental exams. 

These dentists also treat early problems such as thumb sucking. A pediatric dentist can diagnose oral problems related to childhood diabetes.


Many don’t see an endodontist. It’s because they are afraid of the diagnosis and possible treatments. 

It’s time to see an endodontist if you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold. You also need them if you have a painful tooth.

Less than 3% of dentists are endodontists. They studied two or more years than general dentists to master this area of dentistry.

An endodontist is in charge of the issues related to the nerves of the teeth. They can perform minor and major procedures like root canal treatments. 

This specializes in knowing the causes of dental pulp or nerve teeth problems. They provide 

diagnosis and treatment too.


A Prosthodontist has completed another three more years of advanced training. They  specialize in prosthodontics. Seek their expertise if you need to change anything in your mouth.

They diagnose, treat, and prevent facial and dental issues. Some of their jobs include restoration of the missing tooth and jaw structures.

A prosthodontist specializes in dental implants and cosmetics. They also master dentures, crown bridges, and temporomandibular problems (TMJ or TMD). 

Are you looking for a specialist dentist in Greenville? The top dentists in Greenville offer different specializations. They also help in the prevention of the diseases of the teeth and mouth.

For more information about specialty dentists in Greenville, please visit Heritage Dentistry.

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