NetBase Quid: You Need These Competitive Intelligence Tools
NetBase Quid: You Need These Competitive Intelligence Tools

Last Updated on November 24, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Competitive intelligence (CI) is an integral part of every successful strategy in business. It is important for companies to understand their position in the market so that they can make decisions based on intelligence. CI avoids working in a vacuum and instead encourages decisions that aim to put you ahead of the competition. You can consider the following nine competitive intelligence tools.


Crunchbase collects a large amount of company data related to finance, mergers and acquisitions, leadership, investment and other projects. Crunchbase depends on a community of contributors, joint venture networks, and local data teams that use machine learning technology to provide information about industry trends, investments, and information about global companies from startups to larger firms.


Owler can let you view snapshots of all the important information of the key competitors and compare them for easy identification with indirect competitors and emerging competitors in the market. Owler will highlight the stories of the leaders in your company, potential customers, competitors, customers, partners, and suppliers that keep you ahead of the game through competitive intelligence.


Talkwalker provides two free tools to track competitors. Talkwalker Alerts is a (nice) alternative to Google Alerts; it sends you email notifications about search terms in news and media, Twitter, blogs, and conference/discussion boards. Talkwalker enables you not only to capture the deeds of competitors but also to understand their speech through a variety of channels.


Visualping allows you to set up targeted change notifications on competitors’ websites. You can focus on changes in content such as news and advertisements, or you can focus on more subtle changes, such as new pages added to the navigation menu, to capture and evaluate changes in competitors’ messages. This information can help you predict your next actions of your competitors dependent on their previous history.


With SimilarWeb, you can gain insight into the performance of competitors’ websites. Does their website get more traffic than your website? If so, they may be experiencing more network traffic and sales! You check on whether visitors are spending more time on their site than yours. If that is the case, your competitors’ sites are giving visitors more details of what they need.


Like SimilarWeb, SpyFu focuses on website performance as part of the overall marketing competition strategy. This tool especially zeroes out keywords, Google Analytics metrics and even competitor’s paid advertisements to provide you with feedback on what they are following online and the words that lead to website visits.


MOAT takes screenshots of competitors’ digital ads and some other details (such as ad size and date of use) and indexes them for a company search. The tool is a wonderful Animedao Safe resource when you need new design ideas or just want to compare designs with competitors to ensure that you have unique and attractive ads that attract clicks.

Google Alert

Google Alerts is a natural solution for tracking popular news and topics on the web. As Google continues to index and catalog searchable pages, use its alert tool to ensure that no cracks appear. You can also configure Google Alerts to monitor specific industry terms to stay in line with market trends.


The SEMRush competitive tool allows you to fully understand the performance of competitors or potential allies. The tool allows you to segment and analyze promotion strategies from multiple perspectives: advertising, content and public relations, organic search, SEO, and social media.

This is how NetBase Quid can help 

NetBase Quid provides context insights and competitive intelligence that can reveal business trends on various platforms. It gives many useful resources that you can use to make accurate, data-based decisions dependent on quality indicators. You can discover how competitors attract clients online, pay close attention to their online reputation, and identify low-competition niches and growth opportunities.

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