Eyeliner essentials – Be on fleek with perfect wing of eyeliner
Eyeliner essentials – Be on fleek with perfect wing of eyeliner

If they ever pondered over what all is required for women to survive then eyeliner would be in the queue. With just one swipe of winged liner, women feel much more confident and fresher while stepping out. It can outline the eyes and make then look bigger which will enhance the overall look of any girl out there. On the contrary, one wrong stroke of eyeliner or kajal can make one look sinking and exhausting. 

Keeping the fact besides what color and company of eyeliner you are using to beautify your eyes, what stands even more essential is the correct usage. Below mentioned are some of the eyeliner essentials that all the women should know – 

Pick up the perfect eyeliner

You will come across numerous shades and patterns of eyeliner in the makeup stores. More options contribute to a huge dilemma in the buyer’s mind. One forever option that can go absolutely with any outfit is black liquid eyeliner. The best part of buying liquid product is that unlike pencil liners, it does not get flaky and faded with time. It gives the sparkly and fresh look even after hours of the application. Faces Canada is the brand which is trustworthy above all the brands claiming their benefits and authenticity. Once you indulge in using the faces Canada long wear eye pencil, you will forget using the other products. The product is smudge proof, waterproof and is proven to stick for more than 10 hours on the skin. All the products that Faces Canada bring up is cruelty and paraben free. Since the options on the market are endless, make sure which liner goes well with the skin, tone and is easy to use. Most importantly, never invest in the cheap and non-branded products as it will deplete your own skin quality over the time. 

Just wing it

One common mistake committed by the women across the globe is that they consider one wing of liner which is in trend will work on all the eye shapes. To break this stereotype, keep reading as you will get to know that every eye shape has a different wing style requirement. Lets finely divide the eyes into two types – broad and large eyes and small eyes. If you want to accentuate the large and round eyes, always focus on winging it at the edge or corner of the eyes. On the contrary, while applying it on the small eyes, make sure to enhance the lash line by applying thick eyeliner on it. After considering the differences, apply  your liquid eyeliner accordingly. 

Use the dotting methodology –

If you are not a pro, you can either switch to Faces Canada long wear eye pencil or the dotting methodology in case of liquid eyeliner. All you got to do is to stand in front of the mirror holding your liquid eyeliner and put dots on one of the eyes at equal spaces. It helps to join the liner properly across the eyelash till the edges. It removes all the complexity of sketching the liner around the eyes. 

Remove the extras at the end

Once you are done with your makeup, then you can swiftly remove the extra marks of liquid eyeliner. This is said because the application will dry out and it becomes easier to remove it. Avoid to mess with liner when its wet or not settled on the skin properly. Either take the makeup brush and remove it slightly or use the wet cotton for the removal. It does not spoil the makeup and women must stick to it. So, these were the eyeliner essentials that all the women should adhere. It makes the application, easy, better, and more attractive. While going on eyeliner shopping, you can always choose Faces Canada long wear eye pencil and you will appreciate the product. Its easy application and quality of production steals the attraction of many customers. Explore through the wide range of Faces Canada eye products and gain the best ones for yourself. Lastly, apply these hacks to your life and be on fleek with the perfect wing of eyeliner. 

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