Apple Watch Leather Strap

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As the name suggests, a classic Apple Watch leather strap is a classic accessory that adds an exemplary look to your smartwatch. Unlike other leather bands, the classic one provides both formal and informal appearances to the watch. In this post, you’ll learn what makes the classic strap a better addition to an Apple Watch than other band types.

Leather watch bands are older than smartwatches. Earlier, they were used to decorate standard timepieces. Although the classic buckle Apple Watch band is inspired by the traditional strap, it is more stylish and versatile. 

What is a Classic Apple Watch Leather Strap

Also known as a classic buckle, it is a modern interpretation of standard leather straps. It is more stylish, attractive, and functional than the earlier bands. Made of beautiful calf leather, it comes with exterior leather grain and an interior lining to create a dramatic two-tone look for the watch. 

Apart from that, a genuine classic strap features colour-matched edge stitching to complement the overall appearance of the band. To secure the band effectively around the wrist, there is a beautiful buckle. 

Qualities of a Classic Apple Watch Leather Strap

The Apple Watch leather classic buckle is loaded with dozens of features that make it an ideal addition to a smartwatch. Some of them are below:

Two-tone Look

Although it’s a classic leather buckle, the strap isn’t boring or dull. It offers a dramatic two-tone look through its exterior leather grain and interior lining. It makes the strap look different from ordinary bands. Also, there is colour-matched edge stitching to take the appearance to the next level. These things come together to make the strap a stylish piece to decorate the Apple Watch.

Multiple Colours

Gone are the days when there were only a handful of colours options for leather watch bands. Today, you can buy a leather Apple Watch band in plenty of colours to match them with your personality. For example, colours like black and white can be chosen to showcase your formal personality to the world. On the other hand, select sunset or marigold colours for a bold appearance. Similarly, you can choose a colour to suit your personality or occasion. 

Stylish Buckle

Earlier, people didn’t use a leather band for their watch, thinking the strap makes it uncomfortable to wear the watch for several hours a day. Today, classic leather buckles are made to feel good on the skin and around the wrist. Made of beautiful calf leather, a classic leather buckle can be worn for many hours daily. Also, it features a stylish buckle to make it comfortable to keep the watch around your wrist. 

One Size for All

Thanks to the adjustable buckle, anyone can wear a watch with the Apple Watch leather strap for many hours. It means you don’t need to think much while ordering a band in your favourite colours. However, you need to ensure that the band is chosen according to the case size. At a good store, it comes in options: 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm.


A classic buckle Apple Watch band at a reputed third-party store is more cost-effective than a leather band at the official Apple Store. At a good store, you can buy a classic buckle at just AU$59. Here, you can choose a colour to suit your style. 

In the End

While buying a classic Apple Watch buckle from a third-party store, ensure that it is a quality piece. Also, make sure it comes at a more cost-effective price than the official Apple bands.

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