What You Can Do Instead of Going for a DJ

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

Music can make or break a party.  In the age of Bluetooth speakers and smartphones, almost anyone can be a DJ and create a party playlist.  Unfortunately, this kills off a lot of the creativity and fun that comes with a live performance.  Although a DJ can be the more affordable and more straightforward, option: it’s not the best for every party.  Here are some of the best options that will skip the DJ and kick your party up a notch.

Cover Bands

Sure, you could play the originals, but can an mp3 compare to having a performance from a Beatles cover band?  If you have a favorite band, search around to see if there’s a cover band in your area.  Cover bands bring energy and life to shows that otherwise would be a Spotify playlist.  Some cover bands dress up to give off the same power as the original group, while others twist the old favorites.  If you’re lucky, some bands perform in multiple different styles, which means if you’re searching ‘local entertainers near me,’ you’ll find a lot more than just a boring oldies group.

Garage Bands

Garage bands are called this because they’re often rock bands that haven’t hit the big time yet.  These performers mostly play a mix of popular and original music and will offer you a chance to see a band on the rise.  Although some may not enjoy having a band playing unfamiliar music at their party, most think it’s a fun addition.  Not only do you get the chance to uplift a smaller group, but you can also hire them based on the genre, so they still perform what you need.

String Quartets

Weddings, funerals, and many other party genres could benefit from something more elegant than a garage band.  String quartets offer a heavenly style of music that can be molded to fit many events.  Imagine walking down the aisle during a wedding to a string quartet playing Canon in D major.  It’s breathtaking.  A perk, as well, is that string quartets don’t always only play the classics.  You can request that most of these groups play quartet covers of popular music.  Instead of Canon, you could walk down the aisle to a quartet version of “At Last” by Etta James.  Don’t be afraid to tell them what you’d like, but remember that most charge extra for requests.

Solo Artist

If your gathering is more intimate, or you have a particular style of music in mind- you can reach out to a solo artist!  Solo artists can do anything from song covers to original pieces and almost any music style you want.  It’s essential to reach out to them early on if you have any requests so that they can help you in time.  Solo artists are often less expensive, and your guests may enjoy the feeling of lifting someone’s dreams to stardom.

Regardless of what kind of music is played at your party, how it’s played can change your celebration’s real feeling.

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