How to Connect Multiple JBL Speakers?

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Saira Farman

Now you can connect to multiple JBL speakers. JBL sound system has been made with modern technologies to pair with multiple technologies. So, for a first-time user, connecting your speakers is just about as simple as plugging them in, but what if you want to expand your setup? Here are some tips for both beginners and more experienced users alike.

First of all, make sure the settings on each speaker are the same. This means setting the input mode on each speaker’s volume level or the size of their speaker drivers (depending on what they’re intended for) to match those of the other speakers in your system. JBL speakers come factory-set for two-channel operation, but you can easily switch it over to 4 or 5 channel surround sound.

1. Connect the first JBL speaker

If you’re connecting speakers in a new setup, it’s important to start off with the easiest one. This is usually the front left or right speaker. If you have a bi-amplified system (like surround sound), it’s necessary to connect the front left and right speakers in order for the center channel speaker to get any signal.

Pick up a spare set of your favorite JBL speakers- if they’re in good condition and fairly new, they should be able to be used as backups for years to come. Find the proper RCA cables from either a JBL speaker setup or another brand, or pick up a stereo-to-RCA adapter. Plug one end of each RCA cable into a speaker terminal on your first JBL speaker and plug the other end into the corresponding colors of your other JBL speakers.

Now, you’ll need to connect the center channel speaker- this is where most people get stuck. In order to make sure that your front left and right speakers are communicating with your center channel properly, you’ll have to adjust their volume knobs until the center channel is balanced at approximately equal volume levels as both of those channels.

2. Connect your Bluetooth Device and Play Music

Press the Connect button on all speakers to connect them to each other. When they are all connected they will make a long beep sound indicating that they are ready for action. 

To play music, you can use your Bluetooth device, or you can use any app that lets you play music from your phone to the speaker. This can be done by selecting the Speaker in your device’s settings app, or by using 3rd party apps that have this option. Search using “wireless speakers” in Google Play Store and you’ll see a number of them.

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To wrap things up!

Enjoy listening to music with the jbl speakers!

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