Music producers

Music producers aren’t as much in the spotlight as the music and the artists who produce it. They cannot be seen on the big stage and neither do they flicker across the wide screen. Nevertheless, their work is the foundation for every concert and for every film. Music producers are the often silent talents behind the scenes who are responsible for our listening and viewing pleasure. Because no singer shines on stage and no film creates thrilling emotions without the right music. Here is a list of the most successful music producers in the world.

1. John Williams

John Williams is as famous and as present as the film directors he has worked with. Through his compositions he gave the blockbusters of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas an unforgettable note.

We owe the exciting music from the film “Jaws” to Williams. The skilful use of his music makes the viewer’s heart beat even faster. Unforgettable and forever a classic is also the unique sound that Williams gave to the star saga “Star Wars – Star Wars”.

John Williams’ list of awards is long. It has been nominated for an Oscar over 41 times and won it five times. He is also the owner of more than twenty gold and platinum records, several Emmys, three Golden Globe, as well as several Saturn and BAFTA awards.

2. Narvel Blackstock

Country music is deeply rooted in American culture especially mid-western America and deep south and well liked all over the world. When you look at some of the most famous country music stars, you see one common name behind them, he not only manages them but helps produce their music and that name is Narvel Balckstock.

 Together with his ex-wives Elisa Gayle Ritter and Reba McEntire, Narvel has helped produce music for famous country singers like Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Linda Davis. All of these celebrities are also managed by him. 

Perhaps one of the biggest stars that he has helped in his career is his now ex-wive Reba McEntire, who is famous singer and actress in her own light. Throughout her carrier he has been a steadfast present working tirelessly behind the scenes to produce many of her tv movies, series and music albums.
He is truly multitalented in the sense that he not only manages famous celebrities but has made a mark in both music and tv production.

3. George Martin

George Martin was born in Drayton Park, England in January 1926 into a working-class family. His classical music education started late, when he was already in his 20s.

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He is best known as a record producer for the Beatles. As talented as the Beatles were, they needed someone to encourage them and turn their ideas into popular hits. They found their patron in George Martin, who brought many innovative ideas to work with the Beatles.

In addition to the Beatles, George Martin also had a long and varied musical career in which he produced a number of stars, including comedians. George Martin also enjoyed the reputation of being one of the “nice guys” in popular music.

After Martin’s death in 2016, Paul McCartney said, “If anyone deserved the title of fifth Beatle, it was George. “

4. Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy is the founder of the legendary Motown Records label. He was born in Detroit, Michigan in November 1929.

In addition to the many Motown hits he wrote, Berry Gordy was also a successful producer. He worked with the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and Steve Wonder, among others.

Berry Gordy not only limited himself to the production of music for his artists, but also participated in their public image, their outfits and manners, as well as the choreography of their performances.