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A jingle is a tune or short song which is used to promote the product in the commercials. The best jingle has a catchy rhythm so that more people can memorize it in the first go and be curious enough to buy the product. Jingle helps the brand to reach a large group of audience in a limited time. The first jingle was broadcasted nearly a century ago on the radio in America. The passing of decades brought a rise in the popularity of jingles. Jingles can be words phrased as poetry with music or just music. Anything that gives a unique association with the product in question is a jingle for advertising.  Like everywhere globally, India has a great variety of jingles and has been going on for quite a long time. Many ad jingles got famous quickly, but few lasted even more than a decade and left a mark in the industry of jingles in India.

Nowadays with the rise of technology, businesses and content creators create their content and ads with their own memorable YouTube jingles. India has a great base of jingles, and we are here to discuss a few of them. The ten most famous jingles of India are described below with a bit of detail of their popularity.

Taste of India; Amul:

Amul is a cooperative dairy society of India based in the state of Gujarat in India. It has almost all dairy products available in all of India. It has to offer the most highly consumed products in competition with other dairy products. Its first jingle had the word “taste of India,” showing that it’s India’s most-used brand. This jingle came out in 1998 and has been famous ever since. It is an old jingle, but in India, it never gets old.

Washing powder Nirma; Nirma:

When washing powders were replacing washing soaps for India, one of the first brands was Nirma. They had the unique tune of the time for their slogan “washing powder Nirma.” The motto was catchy, and the music made it even more eye-catching, hence the famous ad jingle. The other remarkable thing about the rhyme was that they used the brand name and the product description in the jingle, making it even more wanted.

Airtel instrumental ad:

Almost all the jingles have slogans in them, but in 2002 airtel made a jingle with the help of famous artist A.R.Rahman and made a jingle solely based on instrumental music. It also made a fascinating ad commercial. Although the lyric is old, seeing it is from 2002, but the people of India still remember the tune of the instrumental ad correctly and by heart.

Har Aik Friend Zaruri Hota Hai; Airtel:

Airtel is known for its famous and unique ad jingles. After the instrumental ad jingle, the bar was set very high. Still, Airtel did not disappoint its consumers because they made another record-breaking and distinctive ad jingle when they aired “Har Aik Friend Zaruri Hota Hai.” They highlighted the issue of keeping a check on your friends and the fact that every person is unique.

Yeh Dill Mange More; Pepsi:

Pepsi offered a beverage or soft drink, and the ad specifically revolved around the idea that this drink or soft drink is a solution to every event’s thirst. The jingle “Yeh Dil Mange More” represented the idea behind the ad in a few words with a very ear-pleasing tune and got famous for more than a decade as it was made in 1998 and still used by a lot of people for a light-hearted discussion.

Dimagh Ki Batti Jala Dey; Mentos:

One of the first brands of packaged scotch mints was sold by the brand Mentos. Their ad for India in 2006 had a jingle, “Dimagh Ki Batti Jala Dey,” which gives people the idea that Mentos is made to freshen you up in minutes. It got famous because of the words it had.

Hum Mein Hai Hero; Hero Motocrop:

Hero Motocorp is a business of automobiles. When they launched their motorbikes, they gave people the feeling of a cinematic hero while riding their car. Hence, the slogan or jingle “Hum Mein Hai Hero” stated that we all have a hero in ourselves. It got famous, and the sale of the Hero Motocrop went up a lot.

Googly-woogly wash; Pond’s:

Pond’s is a women’s skincare brand that offers products for healthy skin. Their jingle “Googly-woogly Wash” shows how soft the skin can get after its use. It came out in 2009 with its different jingle.

Gorgeous Hamesha; Parachute:

Parachute is a haircare brand with products that can grow your hair and can do damage control. They came forward with an idea in 2007 that women are always beautiful no matter what they are doing. So, the jingle got famous for supporting positivity.

You And I in This Beautiful World; Vodafone:

Vodafone is a telecommunication brand that makes the world beautiful by decreasing distances, and that was what the jingle highlighted and stated. It was aired in 2009.

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