Proms, wedding receptions, and family reunions: what do all of these occasions have in common? They are all events that must accommodate a large number of people and provide them with an experience that is enjoyable and memorable. If you are planning any of these events, then your choices early on will determine if it is one that you and the guests are happy to have been a part of. Here are three things you need to prioritize before planning a big event.

Pick the Venue

The first and biggest choice you must make is regarding the venue. The venue sets the tone for the event and contributes to how well the event will proceed. Venues for large events can be blank slates that you and your associates must find seating for and decorate, while other venues are already decorated and styled in a certain manner and have seating included. Ultimately, the choice will come down to how much involvement you want from a decorating standpoint, which type of venue bests suits the needs of the function, and which venue best fits the budget for the event. Just be sure that you pick a venue that meets all of the needs of your event. 

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Select the Food

Large events typically include refreshments or food of some sort, so this choice is the next big decision that you must make, and you should make it early. Feeding a large number of people is not something that can be done on short notice, so once you have selected the venue for the event, plan to figure out the type of food it requires and what catering company can best meet your catering needs. 

Book the DJ

Music is a central part of the fun of most events. Musicians and DJs often must be booked far in advance, so it is important to make this choice early in the event planning as well. You may find that using a local DJ is a great option. Whomever you choose, make your choice early in the planning process and get it on the books so that you secure the dancing and the fun for it. 

There are so many details that must be considered when planning an event for a large group of people, and all the choices that you make for an event matter. But early on, some decisions are more important than others and must be prioritized in order to move on to other important decisions. The venue, food, and music cannot be left to the last minute. 


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