Eco-friendly Watches

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Watches have become an important part of today’s fashion scene. However, like every fashion industry, even the watch industry has been stealing from the planet. So, it is time, we invest in eco-friendly alternatives like sustainable strap options, creating long-lasting batteries, etc. 

This Valentine’s Day, show your love for mother Earth by buying eco-friendly watches for yourself and your loved ones. Check out Helios’ wide range of collections offered at the best prices and offers. Shop online from the Helios website or visit your nearest Helios store today.

Make An Impact With Helios’ Eco-friendly Watch Collection: Explore Sustainable Watches For Men And Women

Many brands have come up with eco-friendly watches that run on solar power, have consciously chosen straps and bodies, refuse to use toxic ingredients and use recycled plastic. Helios’ eco-friendly watch collection will help you go green with your choices while not giving up on fashion. From using sustainable watch straps to ocean plastic, every brand curated by us under the eco-friendly collection is innovating new ways to reduce waste on Earth. The goal is to drive an industry-wide change using high-quality, green materials and processes.

While designing ecological timepieces, there are a number of factors come into play. Each component- from movement to material is considered while putting together a watch that will not adversely affect the environment.

Switch To Recycled Watches This Valentine’s Day And Show You Care For Planet Earth

One of the major alternatives to regular timepieces is repurposing old models and materials. Most of the watch cases are made with at least 50% recycled content. From recycled stainless steel to recycled plastic, the options are endless.

Recycled Straps For Eco-friendly Watches 

Most eco-friendly watches have straps that are crafted from ocean plastic. Some brands are also using plastics upcycled from ocean plastic. These are then transformed into granules which are then used to form materials to craft new models. That gives you endless opportunities to join the sustainable initiative by at least using environment-friendly watch straps, if not an entirely environment-friendly model. 

Discover your ideal planet-friendly aesthetic with a watch that has an eco-leather watch strap. In addition to using recycled steel and plastic in the watches, the goal is to create the most extraordinary eco-friendly men’s and women’s watches. All the brands that use eco-leather straps cooperate with the Leather Working Group, which provides the definition of eco-leather. Based on this cooperation and with their help, the brands are able to find accredited, more sustainable tanneries that can produce eco-friendly watch straps. These places must strictly follow guidelines for responsible water and energy usage, chemical management, air emissions, and more to satisfy the Leather Working Group requirements and sustainable watch straps’ eco-leather criteria. For vegans, faux leather straps or cork fabric bands are also excellent alternatives. 

Unique Features And Technology Of Eco-friendly Watches

For glow-in-the-dark features, radium was previously used, which is a highly toxic and radioactive metal. However, a substance called Tritium has now substituted it, which is said to have lower toxicity. Another alternative to radium is a ceramic-based compound called Swiss Super-LumiNova (SLN), which is inert and not at all radioactive.

But there’s more to the idea of ecological watches than just the materials! Even the operation of an eco watch can be “green.” To lessen battery waste, different watch brands are increasingly offering solar timepieces in addition to automatic watches. You may create ecological timepieces by combining our eco-friendly watch movements with our watch straps. 

Corporate Responsibility By Eco-friendly Watch Brands 

Corporate responsibility is also a big part of the sustainable initiative. Such factors include carbon-neutral shipping, net zero emissions and waste packaging, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and environmental remediation initiatives. The idea is to look beyond the manufacturing process and look into what brands are doing in terms of giving back to their employees and community. 

If you or your partner are conscious of their duty to the planet and are looking to switch to eco-friendly watch options, Helios has a wide range of sustainable silhouettes. This V-Day, go green by browsing our selection of eco-friendly timepieces for men and women today.

Shop Helios’ Collection Of Eco-friendly Watches As A Valentine’s Gift

Eco-friendly watches are going through a style renaissance! The once-plain silhouettes are now being thoughtfully designed with a more fashionable look while also being consciously sustainable. So, now you can feel good and look good! 

If your partner loves the planet as much as they love you, then Helios’ eco-friendly watch collection is the perfect idea as Valentine’s gift. Here is a look at our eco-friendly watch inventory. 

Eco-Drive Watches 

Crafted with premium materials, Eco-Drive watches are the new rage in the world of sustainable accessories. These function on light converting any kind of light source (indoor light, fluorescent light, desk light, sunlight, etc.) into energy using in-built solar cells that power the timepieces. This light-powered technology uses different kinds of solar cells for different models based on the wristwatch design. The surplus energy is stored in a power cell to be used later. When charged fully, Eco-Drive watches can run a month between charges and even in the darkness without the need for regular battery replacement. Not only that, but these timepieces provide better energy performance through advanced, value-added innovations. At Helios, you can find Eco-Drive watches by the brands Citizen and Victorinox that are creating all the rage in the world. 

Solar-powered Watches 

Although solar-powered watches have existed for a few decades now, groundbreaking innovations to make them more energy efficient and functional can be credited to the last few years. They can be charged through both sunlight and artificial light now, are low maintenance and are as accurate as their battery-operated counterparts. Solar-powered models were the first to use reusable batteries while also maintaining passive charge, a green alternative to the mechanical watches that work on disposable batteries. They use a solar cell that converts light from various sources into electric energy, making the hands move like conventional watches. The batteries are rechargeable. However, their function depends on the source of light, amount of exposure and intensity of light. When it comes to solar-powered watches, Helios brings you brands like Fossil, Skagen, Anne Klein, Bering and Obaku to choose from. 

How To Know Whether A Watch Is Eco-friendly Or Not?

To identify whether a watch is environment-friendly or not, look for the ‘leaf’. Any product with a leaf symbol means that it is eco-friendly and has been made using at least one material that meets the sustainable watch criteria or not.

Let us pledge to leave the Earth better than we found it!

At Helios- The Watch Store, browse an ensemble of eco-friendly watches for men and women to suit every taste. Whether you are seeking something luxurious, contemporary, or sporty, our range of watches features various styles and strap types to cater to your needs. We take a personal interest in helping you choose the best timepiece that suits your personality and vibe! You can check out the full luxury range and enjoy fantastic offers from your nearest Helios store.

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