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NotLikeThis is a Twitch emote in which Twitch employee “Ben Swartz” is holding his hand over his head. It indicates that something is going on that you can’t trust. Users can also use it to express frustration at an unhappy gaming experience. You can use this emote to say that you have mixed feelings about what’s happening in the series. For example, something terrible went erroneous, yet the outcome can be deliberated positively – you got what you desired, but it’s not accurately what you required. This would be a great chance to custom Twitch NotLikeThisemote.

In a way, this emote there for you to help you to display your doubt and resignation about what is trendy or what someone is saying at the moment. After all, when everything isn’t going your way the way you want it to, NotLikeThis is the emote to go. You will learn about NotLikeThis emote’s meaning, origin, correct pronunciation, and a lot of beautiful details about this emote. So, keep reading this article.

Meaning Of NotLikeThis Emote

This emote was released in 2015 on the Twitch website. This emote used on Twitch when something is happening incorrectly on the stream or if a chatter conveys a story about their real life or a surprising thing in their gameplay. When things don’t go your way, it’s best to use them.

This emote features Ben Swartz, a Twitch employee, holding hands over his head. You can use that feeling when something is not going your way, or a streamer has told you about something you can’t even imagine.

Above all, this emote used when a story turns out to be tragic or doesn’t work out as expected. It is on the list of default Twitch emotions.

The Story Behind

You must credit Ben Swartz for the creation of the Notlikethis. The person behind notlikethis twitch emoticon is Ben Swartz, AKA Bensw. As though in shock at what is happening, you observe him with his hands in his thick hair. His activity goes back to his early years. Thus in 2015, after HugS86 lost, he repeated the action while attending an EVO competitive match. That is roughly where the visualization of notlikethis began. Concerning the name of notlikethis or the not like this twitch, all you can say is “The Matrix.”

Origin Of NotLikeThis


As we have already revealed, the real reason for this emote is Ben Swartz, also known as Bensw, who is an employee of Twitch.

This picture was taken while Benso was watching HugS86, a trained player losing the championship desperately during an EVO event in 2015. If you’re a fan of the movie, you possibly know the expression “NotLikeThis” in the Hollywood hit matrix. Viewers use this emote when something is offensive, or things seem to worsen.

NotLikeThis Emote Popularity

NotLikeThis emote rapidly became part of Twitch conversations. Demand for these emotes reality was displayed on Twitch on October 15, 2015, via user “Frankyfictionary.” It became popular on Twitch on February 17, 2016. On November 21, 2016, Twitch displayed a discussion with Ben in which he clarified the foundation of emote.

How Is NotLikeThis Pronounced?

NotLikeThis is pronounced as “Not-Like-This.”


Thanks a lot to a Twitch employee and his habit of holding his head and hair in the face of unbelievable conditions. The Twitch policy has added a new emote to its collection. NotLikeThis is the best way to show your fears about an incident or story with an unpredicted completion. You can use this emote when a story turns out to be sad or does not work as expected.

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What does NotLikeThis mean?

NotLikeThis is an emote in which a Twitch employee is holding his hand over his head. It is used to show that something is happening that you cannot believe.

When “NotLikeThis” emote was introduced on Twitch?

NotLikeThis emote introduced in 2015 on Twitch.

Who is the creator of “NotLikeThis” emotes?

“Ben Swartz” was the creator of NotLikeThis emotes.

Who was “Ben Swartz”?

“Ben Swartz” was an employee who organized a Twitch emote “NotLikeThis.” You can use this emote to say that you have some mixed feelings about what’s going on in the series.