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When words alone aren’t enough, there are emotes: Twitch-specific emotes that audiences and streamers use to express their feelings in chat. These emote belong to Twitch’s philosophy. They have their language. It’s also a way for followers and colleagues to strengthen their branding and characters. They offer supporters habits to celebrate impressive moments, make fun of disappointments, spread friendship in chat, and become active participants in their community. SourPLS is a Twitch emote in which a man is dancing. It works in web browsers only with Better TTV extensions. 

The SourPLS emote is a widely used Twitch emote that assists only one purpose – to say that it is lastly an instant of silence and party. This emote expresses excitement and joy with the existing opportunity of happenings. Still, the most significant amazing fact behind the meaning of SourPLS is that the sensitivity is so infectious that everyone has to disco. Read this article to know more about SourPLS emote, their meaning, originality, and much more.

SourPLS Emote Meaning


SourPLS BTTV emote used on Twitch as a symbol of emotional dance or party. It is frequently displayed when someone is excited or glad about an incident. A feeling of pleasure and enjoyment can be felt in this emote.  This emote spreads joy and happiness in equivalent parts and displays a man dancing in the supermarket.

The Story Behind

This emoticon, frequently misspelled as souplz, only functions with the BTTV plugin. Make a wise choice and select the GIF viewing option. Twitch Sourpls had some problems displaying because they were essentially a GIF. The result is that it frequently fails to function. This also illustrates the cyclical nature of its appeal. Last but not least, the gif’s sourpls roots may be found in a 2007 YouTube video by the user SourNotHardcore, a Twitch employee. Soupls is a classic emote since it is recognized as a GIF/emote created in 2014.

SourPLS Emote Origination

SourPls emote based on a YouTube video uploaded on April 17, 2007. In this video, a man can be seen dancing in a store. Later on, this video was converted to .gif (moving image), which was then used as images and message boards on the Internet, especially on sites like Reddit and 4chan.

In 2014, emote was first mentioned on Twitter, showing that when you use SourPls emote in chat, you won’t understand precisely what’s happening.

How Is SourPLS Pronounced?

SourPLS is pronounced as two words (sour + please), which sounds like: “saw-ur-pleez.”

How Does SourPLS Emotes Gain Popularity?

The emotes frequently rise and fall in popularity. Being animated, it had some technical issues in the past. The GIF is from a video by Twitch employee “SourNotHardcore” that was displayed on YouTube on April 17, 2007. It shows a man dancing to music at the Toys R Us Store.

According to the website StreamElements, as of 10/12/2019, the SourPls streaming website is ordered 18th in the list of most popular/used emotes on Twitch TV, making it one of the most popular emotes.

A Quick Overview

Twitch is a popular live-streaming platform where viewers can watch their favorite streamers play games, chat, and interact with other users. One of the popular emotes used on Twitch is SourPLS, which has an interesting story and meaning behind it.

The Story Behind SourPLS Emote:

SourPLS was created by a popular Twitch streamer, Sourcer88. He was streaming a game called Bloodborne and wanted to express his disappointment and frustration when he died in the game. So, he made a funny face by pulling his lips and raising his eyebrows, and his viewers found it hilarious.

Later on, one of his subscribers, Ikwu, created an emote based on the funny face and named it SourPLS. The emote became popular and was used by other streamers and viewers on the platform.

The Meaning of SourPLS Emote:

SourPLS is a humorous emote used to express disappointment, frustration, or disgust. The emote is used when something unpleasant happens during a game or when a viewer disagrees with something a streamer says or does.

The emote features a cartoonish face with raised eyebrows and puckered lips, giving a sour expression. The expression is intended to be playful and sarcastic, rather than angry or hostile.


Worldwide emotes are emotes that all customers have entrance to on Twitch, whereas custom emotes are particular to a specified network, which is unlocked by subscribing to that network. If you want to show excitement or happiness about an upcoming incident, SourPLS is your desire. The GIF persists for a few seconds and expresses a boy dancing at Toys R Us. This is part of a YouTube video documented by a Twitch follower, and you need the Better TTV plugin to look out for and customize it.

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Where did the name SourPLS come from?

Initially, the emote’s name came from a video of a man dancing in the Toys “R” Us store, uploaded by an employer called “SourNotHardcore.”

When was SourPLS emote introduced on the Twitch website?

SourPLS emote introduced in 2014 on the Twitch website.

How did SourPls spread?

As of 2019, SourPLS is the 18th top listed emote on the Twitch website, according to the streamelements website. This website makes it the most popular and widespread emotes globally.

How to Develop Twitch emotes?

To add/develop emotes to Twitch, first, ensure you meet the requirements as a partner or assistant streamer. Then, on your channel settings on the left sidebar, select Viewer Rewards> Emotions> Subscriber Emotions. Click on the + icon at your selected level to upload the emote files you want.