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Around 80% of American adults experience back pain at some time in their lives. Depending on its causes, this pain may be temporary or chronic. Regardless of its origin, many kinds of back pain can be reduced or eliminated. Physical therapy is an essential component of many pain treatment and management plans, but how specifically does it help? Keep reading to learn about physical therapy for back pain.

Scoliosis Back Pain

Back pain can be complex with many potential contributing factors. Nerve, muscle or bone issues could cause pain or even worsen existing discomfort. There’s also referred pain, which occurs when an injury or problem in one part of the body triggers pain in another.

Scoliosis is one potential cause of moderate to severe back pain. Instead of vertically aligning as most people’s spines do, a spine impacted by scoliosis exhibits a sideways curvature. If the curve is severe enough, it can lead to musculoskeletal problems such as uneven shoulders and hips. Common contributing factors to scoliosis include spinal injuries, congenital bone development issues and neuromuscular conditions.

Back pain from scoliosis is more prevalent in adults than children. Degenerative adult scoliosis can develop due to wear and tear on spinal joints and discs, resulting in curvature. It’s mostly diagnosed in adults over age 50, with curvatures occurring in the lower back.

Adult scoliosis treatment plans may include physical therapy in Edmond West, Oklahoma. The prime goal of therapy is strengthening your core: the muscles located in your lower back, sides and abdomen. Also known as antigravity muscles, they provide support for the spine while shielding it from injury. Strengthening core muscles can help with another goal — improving posture, which also minimizes the impacts of activity on your spine.

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Physical Therapy Exercises

Every person’s physical therapy plan is a little different. If you’re seeking treatment for back pain, your regimen may not be the same as that of your friend experiencing the same problem. However, your therapist may recommend some commonly used exercises as part of your back pain treatment plan:

  • Knee-to-chest stretches
  • Lower back rotational exercises
  • Lower back flexibility exercises
  • Cat stretches
  • Bridge exercises

Scoliosis physical therapy often focuses on straightening and stabilizing the spine. PT exercises can improve muscular symmetry and posture, with some emphasis on strengthening core muscles. Other goals include restoring coordination, equilibrium and range of motion.

Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

Back pain can have so many causes. Degenerative scoliosis, arthritis and injuries are common issues in adults experiencing pain. Working with trusted care providers is essential to addressing these root causes, improving health outcomes and enjoying a better quality of life.

Your first step in getting back pain treatment is consulting with your primary care physician. Your doctor can provide a recommendation or referral to a provider of physical therapy in Edmond North, Oklahoma. After an initial evaluation, your physical therapist creates a detailed treatment plan with both in-office sessions and self-directed activities. Following this plan may help relieve your pain and rectify its underlying causes.

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