10 best dishes that you can add to your party menu

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The versatility of fast food is the thing that people love most about Domino’s. Domino’s is a one-stop-shop for all those who enjoy fast food. This is why every time you’re hosting a party and are looking to order from one place only, you can order from Domino’s. 

Here are some items that simply cannot be skipped when having a party.

Garlic breadsticks

Give a taste of what’s to come at your party with these simple yet lovable garlic breadsticks. If you want something desi, get the Paneer Tikka stuffed garlic bread. Don’t forget to add the dips!


If you want diversity in your food then you can order tacos that people can munch on while enjoying your party. These tasty yet light treats can pave the way for delicious meals.


What is better than including small pizza rolls to start a pizza party? A delicious roll stuffed with high-protein chicken or paneer accompanied with a creamy harissa sauce make this a hit among everyone. A bite of this can be a conversation starter at your party. 

Burger pizza

A burger pizza is an impressive combination of foods that are made with oven-baked buns filled with cheese peri-peri veggies in creamy mayo. A bite of this burger pizza will give you the cheesy side of the pizza and the explosion of the flavor of a burger. The dynamic filling is sure to leave a mark on you 

Cheese Dominator

Cheesy pizza is a neutral food item that anyone can enjoy. This is why having a Margherita pizza or Cheese Dominator pizza at your party is a must. Every time someone bites into this pizza they are sure to get a mouthful of warm and melting cheese. This pizza is overloaded with one pound of mozzarella and gooey liquid cheese with the perfect amount of herbs. This cheesilicious pizza is best enjoyed with a lovely new hand-tossed crust.

Veg extravaganza

A delicious pizza that is overloaded with vegetables so that every time you take a bite you are delighted. The combination of extra cheese with black olives, capsicum, onion, grilled mushroom, corn, tomato, and jalapeno is sure to make your party look extravagant too. The warm vegetables make for the perfect topping for all the cheesy pizza with a lovely sauce. This pizza packs a punch because of the jalapeno bits sprinkled all over the pizza. A slice of this is like paradise for vegetable lovers.

The 5 chicken feast pizza

If you are looking to include a pizza that is wholesome and has a generous amount of chicken as a topping, then you cannot go wrong with the 5 chicken feast pizza. It is overloaded with five different chicken toppings which are grilled chicken rashers, chicken meatballs, chicken tikka, herbal chicken sausage, and the flavor of chicken keema. This combination of flavors is sure to please any non-vegetarian lover. Every bite of this pizza is a meaty and succulent trip to chicken heaven.

Choco lava cake

No party is truly complete without a delicious dessert. For chocolate lovers, this is the perfect indulgent and warm cake that guarantees satisfaction. There is molten chocolate lava inside the chocolate cake which makes it practically a bowl of heaven. It can make the end of your party bittersweet!

Butterscotch mousse cake

For those who love the taste of butterscotch this is a blessing. Butterscotch mousse cake is a layered dessert that is topped with flakes of chocolate. Alternating layers of sweet butterscotch mousse and the delectable cake make this an amazing dessert. 

Brownie fantasy

Hot chocolate brownie drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce is truly the stuff of dreams. This desert is best for those who enjoy a fudgy brownie at the end of their meal. 

Order these items and get food delivery done to make your party the talk of the town and a guaranteed success! 

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