PRINCE2 Project Management

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My experiences in managing projects led me to research the processes used within fields ranging from advertisement to construction.  This led me to a review of the processes within project management, especially within fields such as:  finance, accounting, marketing, and product development. As you can learn on a PRINCE2 Course Manchester.

PRINCE2 project management is defined as the planning, organising, directing and controlling of a project.  Project management includes planning, organising and controlling all parts of a project, from defining to executing to transforming a defined idea into a piece of work.  Project Management includes coordinating the efforts, resources and exiteds within a project.

 scheduler.  Scheduler is defined as a person who assures that a job will be finished on time.  Project managers and team leaders must first learn how to lead projects and have a basic grasp of project management before transitioning into a more complex career.

completer.  The completer is the individual who completes a task or project as agreed to between two or more parties (usually in writing), when the task has been successfully completed.  When a project is examined with a set of standards it is referred to as a qualification.  The way a project or project qualification is demonstrated is the final step that work on any project is completed.

project manager or project executive.  Project managers work with individuals or companies to complete projects within problems and constraints.  The overall project manager with project executives work closely with project teams to guide the work and provide approval if the project must change or not meet the original scope.  The skills a project manager or project executive should have are integrated into morning and afternoon workshops which give a framework as to how the project manager can manage the project work.

scheduler.  Scheduler primarily uses spread sheets.  All the fields that are input into the spread sheet such as people, tasks, resources and duration are added to it and the overall results are calculated accordingly.  Scheduler also makes sure that all records in the data base are updated as well as the time and date when these fields are changed.  Because managers are so busy as it is, scheduler often covers more work then other managers.  When the project is completed, scheduler works closely with the project manager interface from testing to monitoring status to closing.

resources.  Resource is the store of knowledge, tools, and methods that a project require to complete the project.  This information is stored as data for further analysis.

return on budget.  Return on budget is the actual amount of money that is collected as a return on investment.  Return on budget would include the cost of the task, or money spent on the task, or indirectly to the end and the remaining project assets.  When the project is evaluated, the Return on Investment (ROI) is compared to the overall budget.  Sometimes the results are already in the database so it cannot be compared.

project environment.  Project environment consists of all the things that are necessary for a project’s successful completion.  This includes administrative work and everything that pre-work, marketing, testing and other things that need to be done before a project is started.  A project manager must create the project environment to fit the plan for the task.

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