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Software for Property Management

A property management system (PMS) assists property managers and investors in administering residential and commercial properties on behalf of their owners. Further, it streamlines the management process, organizes the listings, and empowers you to manage your time more effectively—additionally, the software assists in maintaining a comprehensive digital paper trail for compliance purposes.

Whether you’re an investor with a few rental properties or a property management company overseeing hundreds of locations, you have several options to consider. Your objectives will entirely determine the property management software for projects like Kingdom Valley you choose. An investor’s daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities as a property manager should review to determine which tasks require the most assistance.

A good property management software package should include rent tracking, maintenance, repair planning, applicant screening, and vendor payment. Whether your business manages residential or commercial properties, the software will assist you in managing the associated revenue and expenses.

Software for Property Management

In 2022, the Top 5 Property Management Software for Investors

Choosing the best property management software for your unique situation can be a time-consuming and challenging process if you are unsure where to begin. Fortunately, after conducting extensive research on features, ease of use, and customer reviews, we were able to narrow it down to our top five picks.

Buildium –

Buildium is a property management software company like Golf Estate that focuses on residential properties, student housing, affordable housing communities, and associations. It enables property managers to collect rent, lease units, manage maintenance requests and vacancies, screen tenants, and manage account information. The software is available in three different price tiers: Essential, Growth, and Premium.

Property managers can instantly access Buildium via the app on their phones. Additionally, a variety of training and support materials are available to assist users in becoming accustomed to the software. Further, each of the three tiers includes a 14-day free trial. If the client’s fleet exceeds 5,000 units, Buildium will collaborate to develop a customized solution.


If you’re looking for commercial property management software, AppFolio is your best option. Appfolio, which bills itself as a real-time property management solution, provides various cloud-based tools for an apartment, residential, commercial, municipal, and student property managers. This software includes rent collection tools, accounting assistance, utility billing, tenant screening, and customizable leases. The pricing structure is by the number of units, which also determines the onboarding fee. Additionally, the software provides support and resources to assist real estate investors in expanding their businesses through an investment management division. AppFolio was named an Emerging Favorite in Capterra’s 2021 Shortlist report for real estate property management software, indicating that it is highly rated in terms of satisfaction.


Because it is a cloud-based service with an accompanying app, it can use it from anywhere. Tenant Cloud has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is ideal for budget-conscious property managers or landlords. In contrast to the majority of other software, they provide a free tier of services. Tenant Cloud is especially well-suited for new landlords and property managers with one to 500 units and budget-conscious tenants. Rent collection, residential lease templates, marketing websites to promote vacant listings to listing partners, rental applications, equipment and service reminders, maintenance requests, tenant screening, market reports with data, and accounting are just a few of the Tenant Cloud features.

Real Estate Ware

Property Ware is a well-known piece of software that caters to single-family property owners. Rent collection, maintenance request management, accounting, and property marketing are all included in the software. Additionally, landlords benefit from lead tracking and follow-up features that assist them in locating quality tenants and filling vacant units. A pricing structure is available based on the number of units owned by an individual. It does, however, prefer portfolios of 250 or more homes. As a result, it is ideal for owners with large portfolios, as the costs can be prohibitively high for owners with fewer units. Additionally, the software integrates with Docusign and Mail Merge, making it an excellent option for property managers to supplement their current systems. The software’s low unit cost and comprehensive residential management tools contribute to its best for single-family home management.

MRI Property Management Software

MRI Software was founded in 1969 as Qube Global Software and has provided technology solutions for nearly half a century. It has successfully developed sophisticated property management software that is used by over 10,000 investors worldwide. The software primarily aimed at investors and managers applies to various real estate businesses, including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and student properties. Some noteworthy features include billing and invoicing, contact management, maintenance tracking, expense management, insurance management, lease management, a tax management database, rent tracking, and late fee calculation. It is currently used by property companies such as Hammerson, Aberdeen Asset Management, and Standard Life.


Thus, regardless of the number of units, real estate management can be a massive responsibility. While hiring someone to manage the daily operations may appear more convenient, this can harm your bottom line. On the other hand, if you’re serious about managing your rental properties, property management software may be what you’re looking for, for your company. As a result, Estate Land Marketing provides you with the options mentioned earlier for consideration in light of your unique needs and responsibilities.

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