Pros of Incorporating EMS Training in Sports

Last Updated on March 10, 2024 by Umer Malik

Technology is evolving in every sense imaginable. This does not only include our computers and smart devices, but it is also extending over to other aspects of our daily lives. With the recent boom in the popularity of fitness and many interesting trends that come with it, it is no surprise to see technology becoming an integral part of our training as well. However, many people struggle to start and stay on their fitness journeys. Luckily, now it is possible to complete much more efficient workouts in a lot less time. Here are a few amazing advantages of using electrical muscle stimulation in sports.

Full muscle activation

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is widely considered by sports science professionals to be an extremely valuable tool. One of the leading advantages that it has is the ability to fully isolate a muscle group and facilitate maximum muscle fiber recruitment, resulting in a complete muscle contraction. This has many amazing benefits as it can be implemented into training in various cases be that rehabilitation, potentiation, active recovery, or even recreational training for the sake of saving time. In more traditional settings a muscle can fully contract only if there is enough load put on the working muscle tissue, this usually requires people to use near-maximal loads using over 80% of their one-rep max (1RM). This creates a lot of loading to the muscle but also the joints and it can cause systemic fatigue over time, especially if big multi-joint movements are incorporated such as deadlifts or squats. On the other side of the spectrum, people can reach total muscle recruitment with lower percentages of their 1RM however, this will usually require them to perform a lot of repetitions, which is extremely tiring. This is where the amazing benefits of EMS training shine through since you can create an electrical impulse strong enough to evoke total muscle contraction without overloading the joints and without the fatigue buildup. An athlete will be able to create amazing strength adaptations without worrying about recovery downtime or any injury risks. 

Creates better coaches

This amazing tool doesn’t only benefit the athletes but also the coaches, especially when they are going through a rehabilitation process with their clients. In one instance EMS has been shown to positively influence the rehabilitation process of an Olympic weightlifter with a knee injury, where there was a discrepancy between the activation of the right and left quadriceps muscle. The EMS protocol proved useful in tracking the amount of electrical stimulus necessary to achieve bilateral symmetry in both legs. This shows that coaches can now reliably predict and manage the outcomes of rehabilitation and recovery phases with their athletes. It can also help them teach the athletes how to properly engage the targeted muscle group since this device can selectively activate muscles and reinforce the very needed mind-to-muscle connection.

Gain more mobility

Most recreational athletes do not have enough time for dedicated mobility and flexibility sessions. This is a very important aspect of training that is directly responsible for the longevity of training and optimizing performance. Many people will complain about their shoulder pain or hip stiffness. This pain usually results from joint restrictions, which arise from muscles being tight and weak. The problem is that it can be quite challenging to keep all of these muscles active considering that an average person sits for around 6.5 hours a day. Luckily, EMS tools allow people to train important muscle groups around the joints even when they are sitting.

Easy recovery

Not only does EMS training shorten your workout and increase the training stimulus, but it can also help with recovery, which is even more important. You can choose to stimulate your muscles very slightly during your rest days to promote blood circulation which will keep your muscles supplied with fresh nutrients. This will contribute to faster muscle recovery and will leave you feeling fresh for your next workout.

Portable training

The EMS devices are designed with versatility in mind and they are great for traveling as well, because they can be carried around in a small bag. So, if you happen to be an athlete who is traveling frequently, you do not have to disrupt your training schedule and sacrifice performance, because you will always have the time and place to have an effective workout.

Technology is truly fascinating as it offers never before seen capabilities, this is even more relevant for the world of fitness since more and more people are aspiring to stay fit while staying busy and managing the sedentary nature of our daily lives. EMS comes packed with many benefits. It can reliably elicit full muscle activation in a very detailed way without causing any additional fatigue. It also helps coaches while assessing their athletes’ performance and managing downtime caused by recovery or injuries. If you are constantly stiff and in pain, worry no more because EMS will keep you more mobile than ever before. Active recovery is also a far more realistic option since you can keep your muscles active with zero added fatigue. And in case you are traveling, EMS has you covered with its very compact and convenient design.