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Kids can be picky about the clothing they wear and you may find yourself buying them new clothes once or twice a week as they grow out of their existing ones. So how do you get your children to appreciate fashion? It’s easier than you think! Here at VZZR are 7 pieces of child-approved clothing that they’ll love, you’ll love, and all of your friends will envy.


Kids of all ages have just as many opinions about what they wear to school as adults do. If you want your kids to be happy with their clothes, opt for options that are stretchy and comfortable so they can play in them without feeling too confined. Trousers are an awesome choice because they’re available in a wide range of styles that will appeal to your son or daughter’s interests and personality traits (so long as you take a moment to understand those things first). They come in straight leg, bootcut, flare leg, jogger, skinny jeans and more!


Boys should have a dress shirt that is appropriate for everyday use. Whether it’s to wear with slacks, under a blazer, or just as casual wear with jeans, this type of shirt will always look great. The most important thing when picking out your child’s dress shirt is the quality of the fabric. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Izod offer great looking clothing in high quality fabrics that you can feel good about your kid wearing on any occasion. In terms of colors and patterns, if your little one likes bright colors then there are many brands to choose from that offer colorful shirts in silk blends or prints. Other favorites include stripes, stars and polka dots which can be matched up with other items in their wardrobe or worn separately for variety.

Long sleeve button down shirts are also another option to have around during the winter months when jackets may not be necessary but arms still need some coverage. Lastly, tee shirts and tanks are perfect additions to any child’s closet because they’re so versatile. Not only do they work well as layering pieces underneath more formal tops but they also work well by themselves paired with shorts or jeans. There are so many options available nowadays in kids clothing stores like H&M, Zara, GapKids and Old Navy that it really doesn’t matter what color your kids prefer because there will definitely be something for them!


The most crucial aspect of selecting any piece of clothing is making sure the color is right. No matter what your child’s skin tone, eye color, or hair color may be, there are some colors that are just better than others. Of course, when shopping for a dress, it’s always important to look at the size and fit first before considering what colors you want. Children change sizes very quickly so you don’t want to buy an outfit only to have them grow out of it in a few weeks. Try to stick with basics like solids or simple prints. These will not only last longer but also be more versatile in styling with other pieces in their wardrobe. It’s also a good idea to invest in high quality materials because they will hold up well over time.


Choosing the right shoes for your child will depend on a few different factors, like the current climate, the season and the age of your child. Look for shoes that are both breathable and waterproof to prevent your little one from developing cold feet. That said, they should be able to slip on and off easily, so they’ll be more likely to put them on every time you ask them to. Keep an eye out for details like laces or other closures that may not come undone too easily. You don’t want your toddler to struggle while they’re trying to get their shoes on. A pair of classic sneakers is always a safe bet if you’re unsure what type of shoe to buy. Sneakers work well in most climates and seasons (they keep your kids’ feet warm in winter) but also have easy-to-put-on closures to ensure that it doesn’t take hours to get them ready in the morning. They also look cute with any outfit!


In cold winter months, kids need jackets to keep them warm and cozy. In addition to a sweatshirt, it’s always good to have something that can make the jacket more weather-appropriate, such as a rain jacket or down jacket for rainy days. Get one with a hood and pockets for your kid’s convenience and pack it in their backpack or car seat during the winter. Make sure to get one size bigger than what you’re buying for yourself because your child will probably grow into it within the season.


A romper is a one piece outfit, usually with button or snap closure, which is easy to put on and take off. Great for little ones just learning how to dress themselves! Look for a variety of colors and textures as your child grows.  While rompers are great for summer, they also make it easier to get dressed in the winter when there’s less layers involved.


Quality pajamas can make a difference in how your child sleeps. In the winter, it’s important to have cozy and warm sleepwear for bedtime. On the other hand, during summer, a more breathable pair of pajamas will be needed that are lighter in weight and likely made of cotton or silk. The type of sleepwear you buy should also match their bedroom environment. Choose something cool and refreshing if they share a room with someone who snores or if they live in an area where there is little air conditioning.


It can be difficult trying to find clothing that is both stylish and appropriate for kids. If you’re on the hunt for some pieces that they’ll love, here are seven of our favorites. These pieces will have your little ones looking good, feeling great, and giving you lots of happy memories of when they wear them out and about in the world!

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