A Brief Guide to Popular South Korean Fashion Trends Today

Last Updated on March 24, 2024 by Saira Farman

With South Korea’s increasing influences in contemporary culture such as music, television, and film, it’s no surprise that fashion and Korean streetwear brands are also taking the world by storm. Because of this, the fashion industry including the luxury side of the spectrum began putting more focus on the country’s potential. 

South Korea is also an amazing place for tourists who love to shop. The country offers a diverse selection of known retail brands from all over the world which gives both tourists and locals a chance to shop for pieces that would otherwise be not available in other countries. 

Since most young South Korean’s have an affinity for modern fashion pieces, different retail companies have penetrated the country’s fashion market throughout the years. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most recent fashion trends in South Korea and also how you can put together an outfit using these fashion references. 

Outerwear for All Seasons

Like many countries in the west, South Korea can also experience really cold winter days. However, wearing outerwear does not only apply during this season. For many Koreans, outerwear can be considered as what completes an entire outfit. Of course, the choice of outerwear still depends on the season with the majority of down or insulated jackets mainly worn during winter.

Outerwear also depends on the particular style or preference of the person. For those who choose to dress in a more athletic type of fashion, bombers jackets, windbreakers, and varsity jackets tend to be more popular. Additionally, with outdoor clothing becoming more and more popular, Korean streetwear brands are incorporating more styles that can cater to this particular trend. 

Less Is More

Recently, a lot of Korean’s have embraced a more minimalistic style in fashion. Minimal streetwear became a subgenre in the industry that displays a more toned-down approach when it comes to colors and prints. Plain and basic clothing is now a staple and though it may seem like a step back from previous trends in design, the aesthetic says more with the way it simplifies an overall look. 

Korean streetwear brands have started incorporating minimal streetwear in their designs and many young adults seem to embrace a more practical “less is more” type of attitude. Minimal streetwear incorporates basic clothing such as sweaters and pants that have a more neutral palette but leads more towards shades of grey, brown, black and white. 

Denim is Timeless

Denim has always been a classic material that goes well with almost everything. Though there might be a few seasons where denim would fade among different fashion trends, it always comes back strong due to its application versatility. Denim jeans can always be worn with any type of casual clothing. 

Additionally, denim can be designed in different ways. It can be printed on, ripped, and dyed into many colors. It can also be made into different types of pieces which is probably one of the many reasons why it remains a classic material that many Korean streetwear brands appreciate.

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