What Are the Best Fencing Materials for Your House?
wooden fence

The right fence can be the perfect stylistic addition to your home – it can also protect against intruders and offer a greater level of privacy in a close neighborhood. No matter the reason you choose to invest in a fence, picking the material doesn’t have to be a hard choice.

If you’re ready for safety and privacy on your property, building a fence is your next step! Wondering where to begin on the long list of different types of fences? Here are the top fencing materials used today!


This classic home fencing material is great for security and privacy, and with a host of styles, it’s sure to match any taste. It’s also one of the cheapest materials, and it’s simple to install completely DIY.

Wood does require a certain level of upkeep though. It’s vulnerable to rot, water damage, and even pests – you’ll be repainting or power washing every two years. If you’d rather build your fence and forget about it, wood isn’t the material for you.


Vinyl is the residential fencing option for perfect privacy with a charming look. They come in prefabricated panels that are easy to install yourself, and a quick clean every now and then is the only upkeep they require. White vinyl has a friendly appearance and works well for both the front yard and the backyard.

The price tag on vinyl can be intimidating. It’s one of the most expensive fencing options out there. But, they often come with a lifetime warranty that can make them worth the cost!


Aluminum is a customizable choice that comes in a range of styles and colors from decorative to super secure. Because aluminum doesn’t rust, it’s low maintenance and an especially great option for a yard with a pool.

Aluminum isn’t as strong as other fencing options and could be damaged in severe weather. However, it’s cheap enough that replacing damaged sections won’t break the bank. Find an aluminum fence company to start building yours today.

Wire Fence

If your primary concern is keeping your yard or garden safe from animals, a wire fence is a perfect choice for you. It’s often less than $5 per yard, making it the cheapest option on the market. It’s great to keep pests out and pets in.

Wire won’t offer you any privacy, and some don’t like the look of it either. But, it’s low maintenance and a breeze to install. It’s a practical choice that prioritizes function and cost.

Find the Right Fencing Materials for You

There are plenty of reasons for installing a fence, and some fencing materials are better than others at supporting each reason. First, ask yourself what the most important quality of your fence is, and then pick the right material for you! Balancing pros and cons on a budget is simple with the right information!

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