7 Reasons to Take a Vacation to Chicago

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More than 80% of people in the United States are prepared to travel and go on trips this year.

The pandemic pushed off many vacations, making this the perfect year to visit a city that will bring the sparkle back into your life.

If you want to plan an unforgettable trip, you should consider going to Chicago, Illinois.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest reasons as to why you should go on a vacation to Chicago this year!

1. Hot Spot for Museums

One of the largest reasons to take a vacation o Chicago is that it is a hot spot for museums.

If you are looking to explore your creative side this summer or fall, The Art Institute of Chicago is highly recommended. The Museum of Science and Industry, along with the History Museum are also impressive. Summertime is the perfect time to visit the museums since they can provide relief from the heat.

For people traveling with their children, the Chicago Children’s Museum is perfect. There are plenty of hands-on activities for kids to learn and explore.

2. Beautiful Views

Although you aren’t overlooking the mountains and ocean, Chicago still has some stunning views.

Many people recommend going on a midnight cruise in Chicago. It gives you the chance to relax and absorb the city lights in their entirety. The summertime is the best opportunity to visit Chicago if you want to go boating and see the views of the skyline from the boat.

If you are hoping to capture images of the ice build-up, December through March is best. In the spring, there is a slow transition to warmer weather. Although springtime might seem like a good period to visit, there is too much rain and wind to comfortably attend your events.

3. Unique Shopping & Food

Another reason to visit Chicago is for the unique shopping and food.

Chicago is a melting pot of people. Cultures from around the globe have planted roots in this city and are sharing recipes from their homeland. Chicago might be known for their deep-dish pizzas, but their saganaki, sandwiches, and hot dogs are other things to try from this city.

You can find authentic Mexican, Italian, and Thai food. No matter what you are craving on your travels, you can try it here. Fall and summer are the best times to enjoy food because all of the restaurants are open and there are food festivals throughout the seasons.

There are also many unique stores in Chicago. For example, there is a children’s toy store that specializes in toys for kids with learning disabilities or autism. Take a walk down Michigan Avenue if you enjoy shopping. Avoid shopping from January to March, however, as the snow will make it difficult to get around.

4. Lake Michigan

If you are looking for a water getaway but the ocean is too far to travel, Chicago is a perfect destination.

Many people vacation in Chicago when they explore Lake Michigan. The lake brings rivers, canals, and streams all over the city, which explains why there are so many parks. In the summer, people go swimming in the lake and check out the beaches off of Lake Michigan.

You can find a wonderful park and beach on North Avenue, but don’t be afraid to explore and find other areas. The vibrant blue waters will make you feel like you are looking at the ocean, especially when there is no land in sight.

5. Sporting Events

Both the MLB Cubs and White Sox are from Chicago, and their games are worth going to!

The Wrigley field is a popular destination for tourists in the spring because there are games practically every other day. The Blackhawks are another team coming out of Chicago if you want to watch hockey games at the Allstate Arena. While you are there, you can also watch the Bulls play after transforming the ice into a basketball court.

If you want to catch as many games on your vacation, you should go to Chicago during the Sports Equinox. This equinox occurs in October when most all professional sports teams are playing at the same time.

6. Hundreds of Parks to Explore

The summer and fall time are perfect conditions to explore Chicago’s 600-ish parks.

There are so many parks in Chicago since Lake Michigan is right there. You can go fishing, hiking, and take walks through these parks any time of the year but the summer is the best time to go. There are live performances in the parks during the summer, meaning you will get to see more than the city has to offer.

Another great time to take a trip to Chicago for the parks is during the fall. Fall brings comfortable temperatures so that you can walk around with a sweater and not have to worry about getting too hot or cold.

A vacation to Chicago is incomplete without a visit to Millennium Park, so don’t forget to add it to your list of things to do!

7. Shopping & Nightlife

The best times to get your shopping on and go club-hopping in Chicago are late summer and the beginning of fall.

During these periods, the weather is comfortable for getting around without a jacket or snow boots. It can be difficult to check out the nightlife in Chicago during the winter since the streets are filled with slush and snow.

Fall is another great time to visit Chicago. They have an Oktoberfest going from the end of September through October. You can try some of the latest craft beers and brews during these events while you explore all that the city has to offer.

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When Will You Take Your Vacation to Chicago?

There are many reasons to consider taking a vacation to Chicago, so the question is, when will you go?

Think about who you will be going on vacation with and the activities that the group is interested in. There is something unique in this city for every personality. Between the impressive views and museums, this trip will make you feel refreshed and curious again.

Don’t forget to venture off and explore areas as you come across them. Some of the best-hidden gems are found this way.

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